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The Strategium

By Joazzz2
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The command staff of the Imperial Fists (and a Black Templar in relic terminator armor) gather for planning their operations.

Done as a commission for an RP group.
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Is this taking place during the Great Crusade or the Great Scouring?

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Must be one helluva Joint-Op

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This is just Insanely Amazing, I Love every little detail!! Emperor Protect!!

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Certainly an impressive gathering of might! Though the presence of that Ancient in the background, has me concerned.  They do not wake and consult Dreadnaughts without good cause ...
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This is very, very, very cool.
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rogal dorn icon "I am Rogal Dorn." 
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One of the finest pieces I've ever seen featured in the Warhammer-Fanclub group. The group is lucky to have you. The amount of detail in this piece is amazing, my only complaint is no Night Lord hiding in all the darkness. 
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that space marine back there with the mustaches is awesome
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Finally, some Imperial Fist love ;)
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Judging by the Power Armor worn by those Astartes, I'm guessing this is during the Heresy?
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Several hints in the shot point towards a post-Heresy setting.
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Video unavailable.
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Sorry about that, it keeps getting taken down by YouTube
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Absolutely stunning atmosphere, as grimdark as it gets.
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Goddamn this is beautiful. The icing on glass behind them is a great detail!
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What is a dreadnought doing inside a Command Staff Room?
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The Astartes in that Dreadnought probably has more combat experience and strategic/tactical knowledge than most of the people in the room combined. I'm pretty sure you'd want to listen to what he has to say.
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but the size and the amount of noise a Dreadnought engine makes will make it quite hard for anyone to hear.
that's the whole reason why Dreadnoughts have to stay inside Space Marine Motor pools.
the only known dreadnought to share interior spaces with other marines is of Bjorn of the Space Wolves
who is literally brought awake every grand feast to tell stories from Heresy times and share his views on current situations
of course they also have a massive dinning hall with enough space to park an land rider between the table
where the feast(meetings) takes place
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Altarion of the Ultramarines, interred after the Battle of Macragge, commanded a Ramilies-class star fort.
War-sage Malcharion of the Night Lords, who was both sane and uncorrupted, actively took part in his warband's business after awakening.
Davian Thule shares his counsel with the Blood Ravens loyalists in the mission briefings of Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising. And it's not vox comms either - the deep booming voice of his augmitters indicates he's present in the room.
Bjorn is not "the only dreadnought to share space with Marines" - perhaps he's just the only one that you happen to have heard about. There are a thousand Chapters and hundreds of dreadnoughts and no standard pattern for the behaviour of crippled half-senile supersoldiers really exists.

Space Marines have enhanced hearing capable of filtering out noise, and I have never, ever read a single story where a dreadnought's engine or reactor sounds drowned out bystanders.

But all of this is irrelevant. The guys who commissioned the piece wanted a dreadnought, so I gave them a dreadnought, and I myself found the idea great anyway.
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a Dreadnought is a Vehicle, a Mechanised Walker, it is Metal Box on legs essentially.

so obviously it seems out of place when inside personal interiors.
but seeing as the Imperium seems to lack Wireless connectivity to a certain extent due to techno backlash
preventing Skype like Calls between and video chats alike without special vox equipment
They obviously have to let Giant Sarcophagus of a tank inside a meeting room to make things work.

Also how the heck do even Dreadnoughts see thru those tiny slits is beyond me :shrug:

but anyways its still awesome as the Emperor would say, Centurions are cuddly bears :love:
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Probably the same sensors that let SM's have 360 field of vision while having helmets on, assuming that has not been retconned.
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