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Siege of Castle Eisenkrieg

By Joazzz2
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On the edge of the Segmentum Obscurus, at the gates of the Halo Stars, there sits an unremarkable world of ice once brushed by the touch of the Ruinous Powers. As the sole structure in this forsaken realm stands the fortress of Eisenkrieg, a monolith of tainted mortar and cursed stone raised eons ago for a purpose now long forgotten. The few that know of the existence of this place have whispered that in ancient times the castle walls guarded an artifact, a weapon or a source of power so potent that only a fortification built with the dark powers of the Empyrean could be trusted to hold it secure from parties that would seek to exploit the nebulous relic for their own ends.

The first masters of the castle have been dust for uncounted ages, but rumours persist that the original purpose of the fortress remains true - that the secret of the castle still lies within its walls. Perhaps it was these rumours that lead a sizable force of renegades and their daemonic allies to occupy the ancient walls and towers in the late M41, seeking to uncover the mysteries of the old keeps. Their voyage to the world did not go unnoticed, however, and soon afterwards the reoccupied fortress was beset by warbands from the Iron Warriors and the Black Legion, as well as their auxiliaries. A brutal siege ensued, with the renegade guardsmen and their daemonic comrades managing to hold back the combined might of two forces of experienced traitor Legiones Astartes through constant and vicious artillery bombardment, as well as sorcerous trickery behind the besiegers' lines. Eventually the Black Legion and even the siegemasters of the Iron Warriors tired of the stalemate, disengaging their forces and quitting the field in search of better challenges. As the siege was lifted, the daemons turned on the renegade regiments and the forces inside the castle walls slaughtered each other in a swift storm of melee and warpfire, and the fortress of Eisenkrieg fell into silence once more.

Based on a game of Dawn of War Ultimate Apocalypse I played with a bunch of dudes. Yes, the walls are from Skyrim, I found them in a prop pack.
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DeckerTheGreat's avatar
So much going on in this photo, so much detail I love it.
Soulslayer317's avatar
Burn the heretics!
heavenly777protector's avatar
I find the lack of soviet conscripts disturbing LOL.
123456789JD's avatar
Chaos is as Chaos does. If it has nobody to fight, it shall fight itself.
commanderjonas's avatar
This is one awesome piece of artwork.
TheWildSpot's avatar
The walls actually work really well.
Echo-Virus-1's avatar
What's with various of chaos groups and legions fighting against each other?
BTW, nice job
95DarkFire's avatar
Well, when they are not trying to kill the Imperium or assorted Xenos, the Servants of Chaos constantly fight each other.
Echo-Virus-1's avatar
I'm guessing because why not or that the gods/deities (4 gods or 3 gods and 1 goddess) have a rivalry with each other?
Braineater97's avatar
Hah, I've played matches on that map too, always great fun so long as your computer doesn't melt halfway through.
earltheartist's avatar
sniff* sniff* smells like metal I like it!
SpartanMoreno's avatar
Ah,nothing like the smell of rotten corpses in the morning
Joazzz2's avatar
This is likely to be the other, lesser-known motto of the Iron Warriors legion.
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TheProphetOfMEEEAT's avatar
Thanks for the new wallpaper! 
Jimbowyrick1's avatar
Looks like LA on a typical Friday night!
Yiledute's avatar
Those machicolations are awfull. Shadiversity would be dissapointed.
Joazzz2's avatar
The what and the what?
Yiledute's avatar
Search Shadiversity, it's a channel on youtube, the host constantly reviews many aspects of medieval realism on fantasy settings. And one of his main complains is that machicolations in castles and walls are almost always depicted in a VERY innacurate way. He explains what are machicolations in fewer words than I can.
Uranus1997's avatar
Well I do have to say good sir. You did a fantastic job on the drawing (Love the grey snow aesthetic's used in the drawing).

Although I find it weird that one of the soldiers is using a regular tank as opposed to using the mechs with huge guns that one soilder on the left side of the drawing is using (But I guess that's just me).

Anyway. A fine job done on the picture. I do hope you have a wonderful week and God bless you.
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Looks dope as heck!
Phyxerian's avatar
Seriously, this is amazing. I had to look closely a second time because at first i tough it was a drawing.
Joazzz2's avatar
Well there was a lot of drawing involved, so I'd claim the final piece is roughly 30% drawing in a sense.
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