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Primaris Techmarines

By Joazzz2
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There will be official miniature designs for these guys eventually, but here's my interpretation. Please excuse the super generic and lazy scenery setup.
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I need this model in my life! Is there any way I could get a copy of one of your Tech Marines?

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I WISH I could make a setup like that. You shut up about lazy...
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god is machine !
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Generic my ass this is epic whatchu talkin about? 
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I wonder if any ork mekboy ever thought of building himself several servo-arms in a weird fashion - like Chaos techmancers. Could be funny ! xD
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I can't imagine the official primaris tekkboyz being much different when Gdub eventually get around to it. 
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Great stuff, very atmospheric.
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What happened to your thread on facepunch, noticed it got locked?
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The post limit of the forums has been drastically lowered. I do most of my progress updates through my Discord server these days.
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where's the discord link?
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Imptessuve, though I personally would have expected more mechadendrites.
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Even a 'generic' scene can still be good mate.

That said, love the work on these Techmarines mate.
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They look awesome, I love the helmets on these guys
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