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Kill Denied

By Joazzz2
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The centurion came at Thelio again and the Ultramarine stumbled, evading the swing only by a hair's breadth. In the same motion the traitor brought the chainblade up for a one-handed overhead attack. The Ultramarine was down on one knee and he had not the time to get up and dodge again. The axe came down fast and hard, going for the skull of its prey, but the execution strike was halted by Thelio's fist as it launched up to grip the descending weapon hand. The XII Legion berserker paused for a heartbeat, enough time for Thelio to hastily take aim and fire his boltgun into the traitor's reinforced chest plating. The second shell penetrated the ceramite and flesh and detonated within the legionary's chest, sending him to the deck with a loud crash and a bark of hatred and agony.

The combined odours of spent gunpowder, machine lubricants and spilled gore drifted in the recycled air of the corridor space. Thelio rose from his crouch and walked to stand over his downed would-be killer. The World Eater was still alive, pinned to the floor by his failing muscles, the gurgling sound of a madman raving and choking on his own blood emitting from the helmet's vox speakers with a metallic echo. Thelio ended his twitching with a neck-breaking stomp on the head. If not for his battle helm, he would've spat upon the turncoat's corpse.
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"No, you."

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These models are amazing!!! Is there a place where I can download your models? I can't get them off of the facepunch forums since they don't exist anymore. . .

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parry + CQC shot = DED
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Wait, is this actually a scene from one of the Horus Heresy Books?

I've only read Horus Rising.
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Nope, just something I cooked up.
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Damn, it really feels like it's from one of the books. Great job.
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I have never understood Horus heresy legion hierarchy 
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It varied by the legion as far as I know, so it can be hard to keep up with it across all of them.
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True, once the Legions moved away from their original Terran organizations and into the patterns set by their respective Primarch's things can get a bit confusing.
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This picture is fantastic. You've caught such a moment in time. And the description is like something out of a Black Library book. This one's going in my favourites.
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Bloody Brilliant Work as usual mate!
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Another 3D art masterpiece!
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