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December 7, 2015
JoaRosa's A Vision Of Dreams is an introspective painting that uses multiple elements to create an engaging, clean composition.
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A Vision Of Dreams

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Wow, this is really very imaginative and beautifully executed!
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I'm very impressed on how you managed to show the inner rooms of oneself! Each room (and of course the stairs) invites to be explored in more detail. So I can start to dream my own dreams while walking slowly through the building.
I love both the concept and the execution of this!
zhuravlik26's avatar
I really like this painting of yours, and it inspired me to write a poem. That's interesting, how a painting inspired by a poem inspired another poem. Here it is, hope it's not bad.

The temple of visions,
Please tell me the story
Of where my future belongs.
All dreams and decisions,
All pity and glory,
What lived in my thoughts for so long.

One step - one addition
In my recognition,
All questions and all the replies,
Both there and here
Just something appears
Without all wheres and whys.

I paint with snow
The beauty unknown,
The firs and the icicles, and
The sky is of azure,
The winter is pleasure,
The idyll that will never end.

One step to the right,
And the stars in the night,
The staircase up to the moon.
A still German town,
With roofs all in brown,
And doves who'll known be soon.

One more step, it brings
The sounds of spring,
The feeling of flowers and beam,
To left - in the bed,
And someone is mad,
There's no life without you for him.

Then ocean, a ship,
A moment of wish
To be in a boat and run,
Below that's deep,
And plenty of fish
And maybe you'll catch golden one.

The further you go,
The less you can know
What brings you the play of your mind,
The bravest pilgrim
On roads of dreams,
With bright flaming heart to decide.

The temple of visions,
Direct my decisions
To where my dreams are to be,
Please give me your patience,
And answer my questions,
To come and to say: that is me!
JoaRosa's avatar
It's an amazing poem! I love it! It suits my painting really well, with all the details. The rythm of words is perfect too. I'm glad that my painting was the inspiration of this piece. :)
zhuravlik26's avatar
He-he, while re-reading my favourite book series, I came to this picture in my mind once again. It nicely corresponds to the Corridor of Mirrors from the castle of Amber, described in "Knight of Shadows" book of the series. This time I felt myself a little bit Merlin while looking at your picture. Because I can walk along it, look into each of the "mirrors", and maybe suddenly occur into one of them.

That means again that your painting is really fantastic, due to the fact it allows so many interpretations. I suppose that I'll find even more allusions to it afterwards.

Though, the temple interpretation still fits me better, because the arches of the ceiling look really like a part of some gothic church internals.

The most interesting thing about your paintings is that they don't make someone interested immediately. The first thought is "nice". The second thought is "hm, interesting". The next thought is "good idea, good implementation". Afterwards the browser tab with your painting is closed. But after about an hour it's still in memory, so the browser tab is reopened, and new ideas and thoughts about it come to the mind. And then the painting cannot be erased from the mind at all, so it pops up accidentally and can be easily associated with some real-life context.
zhuravlik26's avatar
Thanks! I'm happy that you like it. :)
4MrOG's avatar
I love this!
lovely bitbull habibi i love you’…
Maria-Korneliou's avatar
Wonderful painting!
Amarantheans's avatar
Oh my goodness I am so glad that this earned a DD you definatly deserved it for the amazing work you did for the Awareness of The Arts Contest. How about that we really knew we had a winner when we saw your piece! Again gorgeous work and a well deserved DD!
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Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
Marcusml333's avatar
Very good idea for a painting and well executed!
Takanakchirasu's avatar
This might seem weird to say but... this feels... right. Like a physical metaphor for how everyone's worlds are connected, for however great and small they may be they are all connected in one grand microcosm. :)
RieyTails's avatar
The multiple themes to each of the entrances adds a unique tone to your artwork, which works for a dream-like representation. The colored silhouettes is also done very well and fits with the theme of your work.

Very good job and congrats on the DD :)
SavageFrog's avatar
This piece was so DD worthy; super excited that it finally got one! :la:
Lagunia21's avatar
Such a beautiful work! :heart: Congrats on the DD! :clap:
Taqresu650's avatar
Congrats on the DD. I like the 6-part vaults.
Lintu47's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :DALove: by Ikue
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
Aart-ish's avatar
This is beautiful :) 
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