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November 24, 2007
Shades of Gray by ~Joaris333 is, in my opinion, one hundred per cent beautiful. The colour in the eyes is a perfect touch to a greyscale piece. ~Joaris333's gallery is one to take a look at as there are plenty more great pieces of work in there.
Featured by DCZed
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Shades of Gray

This is my first gray scale vexel! =) I posted a progression for it and basically got through most of it a while back. I decided it was time to post it, or else it would end up sitting in the dark corners of my computer forever :P I realized I'm not a huge fan of gray scales b/c of the lack of color, but I'm glad I gave it a shot.

I've gotten a new hair method. I think works for me. I wanted to try a new effect, making it look as if she's deep in a shadow and is slowly stepping out into the light.

The hair has quite a bit of detail in it so take time to see the full view please! :) It wasn't very hard at all, and I ended up freehanding most of the left and right side. I'm glad to say I've made an artistic improvement in the past couple of months, always dreading doing hair, and now I finally enjoy it :) Now i have a couple of collabs to finish/start and a few vexels done by request of friends. So i'll be pretty busy this summer :)

EDIT [November 24, 2007] --------------------------------------------------

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH A DAILY DEVIATION THANK YOU SO MUCH DCZed - [link] - for featuring me! :) I plan on responding to every _SINGLE_ comment. Thank you all and I appreciate it in ways you wouldn't believe! :)
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Beautiful....the hair looks have inspired me!
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This is amazing!
I'm not very educated in painting, so I can't give any constructive positive/negative feedback, but I love it. (: And, personally, I prefer gray scale, I don't know why, but anyways, I think it turned out very nice. (: I also happen to love drawing hair, although I can see how it's difficult.
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Amazing work, it defies description. Keep up the good work! :)
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Hi :wave:!
I have featured your work in my recent journal dedicated to Vexel Art :) You can view it at the link below:


I hope my feature brings you some new fans!
Warm Regards
aka `oibyrd :heart:
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Wow! This is amazing! I haven't tried doing a vexel yet, but it seems really tempting now xD. You're really good at this. I'm really bad at drawing people, which is why I usually stick to animals :P
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That is so lovey, I have a question for you for a value study/texture in my art class.Ill send it in a note, but breath taking work.
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It looks like jessica biel
Amazing work btw :D
esp the face looks photo realistic if not fullviewed (when i can see the lines)
the hair is pretty good too, although real hair doesnt look quite so glossy or something, if you know what i mean XD
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Looks like Christina Perri to me
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great great vexel!!
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Featured here [link] :)
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Thank you!! :D I appreciate it!
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You're welcome ^^
That's good!
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Hello, this is very nice.

Love the detail.

keep it up :-)
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!! wonderfully rendered !!
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There are so many positive things about this piece that I dont even know where to begin! This is epic.
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very nice
i love it
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OMG I love this lips and this hair...
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