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Mischa Barton Portrait

Made In Adobe Illustrator with a few touchups in Adobe Photoshop CS2 (only the background for those that were wondering). I used a different method for the hair than I usually do. Maybe I'll keep that method and keep trying to improve on it.
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Wooo ilovethis one! :)
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You should totally do a tutorial on youtube one this it be cool. Or a video of how you do your work. It be fun.
SupesSoups's avatar
O.M.G I cannot do this kind of painting its just too awesome!!! ;)

Gratz yeah!
this vector is just fantastic. out of the world. u must be awesomely talented. great great job.
electronicarichard's avatar
the HAIR!
Joannyta's avatar
Awesome! Featured in my journal.
nickvasko's avatar
im striving to achieve work of this quality... very good work, keep it up!!
Joannyta's avatar
Amazing work you did ! I love it.
theartyst's avatar
THIS is definitely YOUR best work !!
Joaris333's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
bag-of-Bones's avatar
wow, this is crazy!! wow, so realistic and everything..!
Dodo-Windam's avatar
that is stunning. i'm even MORE intrigued to learn about/use vectors/vexels, with amazing examples such as this one!
lilispok's avatar
Very nice rendering, it's beautiful ! :)
tutorial of the hair I say!!! :)
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WOW dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
i´m speachless
Ricio's avatar
Unbelievable...incredible!!! How long did it take all together?
Zerj19's avatar
=( I wish I could do that =(
Pewdie's avatar
Awesome! I think the text ruins this piece a bit thou, I mean everyone know its her...
Joaris333's avatar
Thanks! Actually, that's relative to culture and media exposure. Not everyone I've shown this to knew who she was.
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This is vector! :wow:
I can't believe it, but it is! :faint:
:clap: Cool! :D
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