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...My life had wandered off so fast, I couldn't make out where the years had slipped away to. I tried reaching for something familiar, but there was nothing there. Nor could I tell you where it went.
Hello! My name is Joao Guilherme Conde Yates, I was born and currently live in Brazil. Here you get to see some of my design work. I've had the opportunities to live in other countries such as Chile and the United States and got to meet quite a few people along the way. I'm mainly a 3D artist but I also know a bit about other forms of media. My main interest in 3D had always been generalized, but tech demo oriented. Meaning I wanted to display what a technology could do(or I could accomplish with it), while still maintaining a notion of aesthetics. Gradually along the way I decided to make the recent decision to take a step back from the technical aspects of 3D and try to reach for a more artistic approach to my work. Here you can see most of my work from beginner to my current level and the transition occurring. I still have a long way to come. But I hope you enjoy some of my work. 

Aside from 3D generalist/artist or whatever you may want to call it, I'm a musician as well and currently in a band. 

I love music and have a passion for art.

Thank you for your time!