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Scarlet Witch



This started as a study, and evolved into something more elaborate. I wanted to draw a more realistic face in a comic character. I think I was successful.

The color was amazingly easy on this one. Since it's mostly an analogous color scheme, most of the color you see is done through a color balance layer.

I used some of :iconredheadstock: brushes for the arcane symbols.

Comments and feedback are appreciated! :D
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It's too bad it's such a low resolution. Hard to see what you did.

I don't know too much about marvel/DC comic styles, so I'm sorry if I come off as harsh.

I think the light source is very conflicted. The arcane symbol looks large bright, but only casts the vaguest hints of light on her, and none at all on the background. Also, her left leg vanishes into the back behind an awkward pose. She kinda looks like she's tripping or something, because the weight distribution of her upper boy is nowhere near over her legs. The shadow she casts doesn't meet up with her legs and cloak, creating an odd floating appearance (and if she's actually supposed to be floating, her hips should hang more to make her look suspended in the air).

That said, the folds in the cloak/cape are actually pretty well done, and the sweep along the lower body is nice and dramatic. The white latex/spandex is the highlight of this piece. It glows believably and looks very appealing. The speckled background give it a nice painterly feel and the warm tones are very effective and appealing.