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Licking Ghosts

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this pic makes me wonder if you'll ever do full-on porn

if you do, please point me to where it is

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Fantasmas Cachondos 😳

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dude, hell yes, nice work

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Yikes. This is spoooky hot. Is there a... follow up? :0

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this just shows that if your a ghost you can still be very lucky... or unlucky, other than that I hope everyone to a epic day:D

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She's going to have ectoplasm all over her😏

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I mean... She looks VERY lickable
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Who you gonna call? Ghost-Plumbers!
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I smell a ghostbuster...

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I think they eat it, probably it is very tasty and juicy for them.

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HEH, Boo-bies, HEHE-
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Did she mind controlled those boos........can you do me next

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Actually was them who controlled her. XD

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Oh........I CHANGE MY MIND *runs*

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Tasting some boo boobs...

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Nothing better than than being dead in peace when all of a sudden some horny boos come for you

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Does she have a name? I vote Lickyboo

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Papa killed mama, he's a robber

Fuck the coppers, I got me a copper!

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Imagine if Ghostbusters capture a girl like that, they didn't even have to spend money on prostitutes if they want to.

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