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itunes mnml

now for itunes 10.2.1 (1)

to match merlish's unfinished theme

based on nardoxic's itunes mini mnml [link]

in this i used the ios scrowbars by adidadidu [link] , because that's what i'm using right know but i put a default itunes scrowbars version to...

anyway, enjoy


to install it:

1. quit itunes app

2. replace the itunes.rsrc file with the one that comes in the zip…

the original is in:
hd - applications - itunes - [right-click] show package contents - contents - resources

make sure you backup the original itunes.rsrc file before you replace it

3. open itunes


windows version made by Davi-1 here: [link]
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doesn't work on 10.7 =(
joaogil's avatar
mal irmão, o último q tem é o q está ai...
koche-apc's avatar
wow! Led Zeppelin <3
joaogil's avatar
joaogil's avatar
vlw cara, e vlw o fav
CAREAGA's avatar
great job. but what about iTunes 10.4 (80)
joaogil's avatar
yeah, i should update. gonna do it when i install lion[soon].
Markin-RJ's avatar
Ficou muito bom brother :clap:
joaogil's avatar
vlw cara, e brigadão o fav tbm!
bornforeducation's avatar
can u make a skin for original type mac to and send me at
please for itunes 10 win7.......please
joaogil's avatar
i don't understand what u want.
bornforeducation's avatar
you know like the original mac style, red, green, and yellow buttons and i jus' want the skin so that i can download quickly cuz i got a slow net connection.
joaogil's avatar
this is for mac, i dont skin windows[cuz i dom't have it]. sorry.
bornforeducation's avatar
u got mac!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaooooooooooooww!!!!!!!!!!!!

please tell me how is it to work on it???? is everything compatible????
nvidia graphics card driver etc... tell me.........please telll me everything
i love mac...this is if u r n indian

mac zindabad
r u n indian???
if not from which country are u ???
can v b frnds????
i got none in mah life!!!:(
joaogil's avatar
i'm from Brasil, Macintosh is the best, i use for almost 8 years and dont think in changing anytime soon...
jaziCo's avatar
Cant wait for this to be updated to 10.2.2 (im dieing) lool
joaogil's avatar
school's keeping me kinda busy...but i'll try to do it soon.
jaziCo's avatar
yeah no worries man!!! Ill be waiting ;) ! Thanks Man!
rickypereira1992's avatar
Adorava este skin para o iTunes no Windows *_*
joaogil's avatar
versão para windows feita pelo Davi-1 [link]
Kveldsvanger's avatar
thats right...please we want an Windows Version :D
joaogil's avatar
here man [link] made by my friend davi-1

it's on the description
Kveldsvanger's avatar
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