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Digital Painting Brushes

Here are some brushes I made for my painting needs. I almost always paint with the basic diamond one but the others can be useful on specific occasions. Feel free to download them and have fun. No need to credit me if you use them for a project (personal or commercial) but please DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THEM. Theses brushes are not to be included in other sets or uploaded elsewhere. Please respect my hard work if you want more freebies. Thanks! :)

TIPS : These brushes are not meant to be used "as is". Have fun with the settings, play with the opacity and add a personal touch. Brushes are great tools but they'll never replace the human hand. Some (like the chain or cable ones) are bases, good for sketches, but you'll need to add details manually to have a good result. Otherwise it'll just look as a brush demo and not a painting. Have fun and be creative! Oh, and try not to pay attention to my bad English.

Compatible Photoshop CS4 and up.
I won't make lower versions or post original samples. Take it or leave it.

J Goulet - 2011
© 2011 - 2022 joanniegoulet
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Are they photoshop brush?😕😕but all these brushes are similar in ibispaint and i tried them all and they matched.Btw thanks

Çok teşekkürler.

hello. I don‘t see any download. And can i use this in procreate? Thank you

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thank youuuuu!!!!
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Are the leaves and grass brush supposed to be scatered?
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These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!
CJtheEAofMAS's avatar
wooooow, what beautiful and cool brushes <3
AceVentura2's avatar
Thanks a million :)
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Thanks for sharing
thanks for share
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Great share! thanks :bow:
I'll use 'em to try dogs & cats digital drawing. Sure, I'll have fun :giggle:
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I'm going to try out that grass/bush brush in GIMP! It'll help a ton with backgrounds until I learn to do textures :D thanks for uploading :3
Sehep's avatar
Thanks, that's usefull.
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do you think they work on fire alpaca? I don't use/don't know how to use PS...
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I don't know, sorry.
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Because Firealpaca don't read .abr (file of brushes in PS) so you can't. However, you can do something with it. Better answer for your question is here Hope I helped :>
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okay thanks much C:
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How do I get these?
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Sorry for the late reply, I don't hang around DA much lately. To get those just use the download button that should be somewhere on the right of the picture. Save them where you like then open Photoshop add load them via the brush palette. :)
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Lol its OK and sorry for the late reply as well! And thanks so much!! 😊😀😁
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Thank you so much for these brushes, they are very useful :)
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