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Bird Wings Tutorial



EDIT: This is a very old thing and my grasp on anatomy at the time wasn't as good as it is today. I leave online because I think there's still some useful things in it but I recommend you check out other tutorials as well to complement this one. I really want to update it someday.

Sister tutorial to this one:
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This is a very helpful post. I know that it will definitely help me in the future with some character profiles I'm actually drawing out.
This presents the information in a great manner. Not too wordy, easily understood, tasteful. The drawings aren't overdetailed, but just enough so to give the idea of what has been drawn. To show the point and differences in what you should work towards, and what looks awkward. I'm glad that someone thought to create this so that there wouldn't be so many awkward wings out there (hopefully). Thank you for this lovely form of spreading information!