Realistic people II
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In my first article 'Realistic people' I shallowly wrote about the several techniques you can use in producing an image of realistic looking people.
I also only shallowly mentioned the consept 'Realism' at all.
Now it's time to delve slightly deeper into those issues.
The elder final by phan-tom Sean Connery by phan-tom Why is she Crying by PyramidHeadxXx Self Portrait by PyramidHeadxXx controlling the human mind by icarosteel 6th Portrait - Harisu by manany Natalie Portman by Bastiensburg Eva Mendes by Ameryn Jennifer Lopez by Rob-Mcilwain .mess. by uzorpatorica


I wrote that Realism is a visual art style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see.
The style realism appears in art as early as 2400 BC. So there has been time for it to divide into different genres such as:
Classical realism which refers to an artistic movement in late 20th century painting that places a high value upon skill and beauty, combining elements of 19th century neoclassicism and realism,
Fantastic realism, a 20th century group of artists in Vienna combining techniques of the Old Masters with religious and esoteric symbolism,
Heroic realism which is a term which has sometimes been used to describe art used as propaganda,
Magic realism, or magical realism, that is an artistic genre in which magical elements or illogical scenarios appear in an otherwise realistic or even "normal" setting,
Nouveau Réalisme (New Realism) that refers to an artistic movement founded in 1960 and is about new ways of perceiving the real,
Photorealism is the genre of painting based on making a painting of a photograph
and several others.
La luz de la mujer by Arteddy Sarah Michelle Gellar by eileenirma Mr and Mrs White by elisabethsmenesfrost Aamir Khan Pencil Portrait by Bobby-Sandhu Dad by phan-tom Charlize Theron by KLSADAKO Hyori Lee by Huewert Smitty - drawing by dizzykid Josie Maran by SandraSaar Charlize Theron by nobodysghost Thinking by nobodysghost Gaze by nobodysghost

Among important realist painters there have been and are for example: William Bliss Baker, Rosa Bonheur, Charles-François Daubigny, Edgar Degas (also an impressionist), Edward Hopper, Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins, William Michael Harnett, Louis Le Nain, Jean-François Millet, Ilya Yefimovich Repin, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Pierre Étienne Théodore Rousseau and Nikolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko.
Maybe some of these artists' names whose work I am about to highlight will appear in the future art history books as well :) .
Liv Tyler by marcbalbi father 2 by paullung Orlando Bloom by akaLilith Ewelin by VanessaWeuffel Do you love him? by evenstar13 bruce banner aka mr. green by aramismarron Grampy and Kieran for PPA comp by Dragonsanddaffodils Jason Bourne by RTyson Reflective Process 2 by opposite-of-tom8o John Butler by caseythornton


With a mechanical pencil you can draw a fine line without the need to constantly sharpen.
:thumb98624278: Salma Hayek by jenchuan Jack - Until death greets me.. by Cataclysm-X passion for mysteries by icarosteel
I've heard that Bristol board is ideal for drawing portraits (haven't used it myself yet). Also photograph paper has been recommended.
Some artists use tortillons (they are tightly rolled sheets of paper) and Blending Stumps to blend the pencil shading.
House by jessie145 Close your eyes, freckles by jessie145 Friends by nobodysghost
To achieve smooth gradated skin tones I my self use a piece of soft kitchen roll or toilet tissue.
Rather than wiping away eraser debris with the back of your hand and spreading the graphite dust, you can use a large, soft brush to gently brush it away.
Girl With a Pearl Earring by Truyen
A rubber can be cut into pieces with a some sort of carpet-knife and with these sharper new pieces you get nice thin lines.
Other tools: Fixative, template with circles of varying sizes.

Eyes are said to be the mirror of one's soul. They are pretty unique to a person. The shape isn't always the same, there are wrinkles around them and the white of the eye isn't actually white either. There are little veins in the eye and shadows as well.
:thumb97819523: Stripped wipV by arminmersmann Stripped WIP I by arminmersmann Prismacolor Eye by Shondrea Bring me the Horizon by mcr-raven :thumb98025205: Foresight by EuroFoxx A tale from Arabia | March 19, 2008 by uzorpatorica

Here are some great examples of different kinds of techniques.

Guinevere - Keira Knightley by akaLilith

Mature Content

simply charlize by aramismarron
Finally by Sellren Name of the Father,   drawing by arminmersmann Penetrate by Facenna Christian bale 1 by Maggy-P :thumb81232584: To dream land by Vindrea Jon Bon Jovi - 08 version by akaLilith Jessica Alba Portrait by golfiscool Portrait of Susan by golfiscool Budwiser Dani Drawing by golfiscool :thumb29715799: :thumb38975381: Fail Again by shalpin HHDL loves you by shalpin Shaman by shalpin Rosary by shalpin Flavia by shalpin Keeyana - pencil drawing by suzanastojanovic

Mature Content

Lowe detal by zeldis
Hugh Laurie by Geinen asianModel by Truyen :thumb81738777: Angelina Jolie by MindlessCreativity

Mature Content

I'm just having fun by ilanya
Winter portrait by monster242 drug by E777Y distant figure by E777Y
A Guy at the Park 9 by straycat27 Captain Jack Sparrow by GabrielleBrickey Caught In the Rhythm-charcoal by dryand09 Gandalf by Cynthia-Blair Mr. Bill - drawing by dizzykid
Coloured pencils

Mature Content

A thought by johnwickart
Clara, Newborn by sgchipman
Carrie Underwood Drawing by golfiscool Beauty by golfiscool Mel Gibson by thorr
Conan O Brien Pastel by golfiscool Meant to Be by GabrielleBrickey estudio portugal 4-2 by Benbe dulzura by aixado
B R A N D O - Oil Painting by michaelandrewlaw Emma Watson oil on canvas by michaelandrewlaw Pope Benedetto XVI OilPainting by michaelandrewlaw 17 by nikolaishurygin 2 by nikolaishurygin
:thumb45671366: Portrait of Xiao Xiang by Denis-Peterson
liv by jmix2
Pixie by o0tingeling0o
Mixed media
Pure by shimoda7

Mature Content

Shelley by Facenna

Mature Content

Fall by Sericat
theorum of curves by Sericat Audrey Tautou by shimoda7 Little Creek by killaby :thumb20433923: :thumb99231112: .Borissov by PavelVerner
Digital portraits
Dolls can look very realistic, too!

Mature Content

sculpted faery J2 by polymer-people
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PlatypusAfroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I was wondering if you could give me any advice on getting a smooth finish when painting skin with oil paints. I always find that on top of creating the perfect skin tone, getting a realistic finish is so difficult :/
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Well, I'm not an oil paint expert, but I have encountered this recipe by Monique Simoneau:

"'recipe' for flesh tone colors:
1. Titanium white
2. Cadmium Red Light
3. Cadmium Yellow Medium
4. Yellow Ochre
5. Burnt Sienna
6. Burnt Umber
7. Ultramarine Blue.

For light flesh tones use colors 1, 2, 3, and 5.
For medium flesh tones use 2, 3, 4 and 5.
For dark flesh tones use 2, 5, 6 and 7. "

A tube of so-called Flesh Tint will usually not do the job. Skin has so much going on around it and inside it. It reflects so many colours of the surrounds or clothing, especially in the shadows. Choose a colour from the background, and build your skin upon this, working from dark to light, and leaving some of the background colour in the skin's shadows. This will hold the painting together tonally.

For getting a smooth finish you could try glazing over the whole figure, (a thin, transparent layer of paint. Glazes are used on top of one another to build up depth and modify colors in a painting. It must be completely dry before another is applied on top, so the colors don't physically mix.) A translucent layer of white (either really thin titanium or zinc white) or the lightest of the skin tones could do the trick.
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PlatypusAfroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, thank you so much! :D
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I've seen all four of these articles & I really admire all the efforts you've taken to put up all these amazing artworks in one place!! Such a humongous task!! Thank you so much for doing this!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
JoannaMoory's avatar
Thank you for adding them all to your favourite news :handshake: .

Also thank you for the :+devwatch: . I'm watching you back :thumbsup: .
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BnspyrdProfessional General Artist
Wow fantastic features!!
JoannaMoory's avatar
They are :thumbsup: .
Thank you for adding this article among your favourite news :handshake: . In case you re interested here is part III [link] .
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BnspyrdProfessional General Artist
Thanks I'll check it out.
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polymer-peopleProfessional General Artist
I just realized i was featured in this great article! Thank you very mach!

Love, Nadiia.
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You're welcome :hug:
Your dolls are wonderful!

And thank you for adding the article among your favourite news :thumbsup:
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I must add though, it gets pretty tiresome seeing portraits of famous people.
It's so much more interesting to take someone (or something) not so extra-ordinary
and make something truly extraordinary out of it. Copying from a picture isn't much of a challenge unless you use it to your own ends to make it into something beyond
the original photo. Otherwise, you're just a human zerox machine...
JoannaMoory's avatar
Yes, I like unique portraits, too. But I have found it useful first to try and learn to draw well enough by practising with using a reference picture and then, when I feel that I'm good enough, I'll try and add some imagination into my works :) .
NomeEdonna's avatar
Yeah, I understand that. I wasn't talking about you personally, just in general DA seems flooded with portraits of famous people and it gets a bit old. A good deal of these people
seem to have great talent, yet they seem to lack in any original thought. It's kinda sad.
I love portraiture but so many, that I speak of, seem to lack any real depth of character or
any sort of psychological glimpse into the 'sitter' - merely just 'cool' people, ';pretty' faces and the like, made more in a spirit of 'Hey, look what I can do', than anything with any real artistic integrity. Not something I feel looking at say, a portrait by Christian Schad,
Hans Holbein t.y., Otto Dix, Lori Early, etc etc...
Sorry to rant on your feature, there is some great work here, I guess I just want to encourage people to try something new and express their own ideas more...
All the best,
JoannaMoory's avatar
Not at all, I think it is absolutely right what you are saying.
Originality and the use of imagination in one's work is always a very respectable quality.
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Wow, great collection!
I think some of these would qualify as UberRealism, as if made by a machine....
JoannaMoory's avatar
True. They are beyond hyper-realism :D
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Very nice article,I recognize many of the artist's and admire their work!
JoannaMoory's avatar
Yes, they are amazing :thumbsup:
And so are you! You were in the third place in JurgenDoe's competition, weren't you?
jeffro70's avatar
Yes.......but still I look at these pieces and am just amazed at their work!
ffxauron's avatar
A lot of these pictures are in my favorites. I hope one day I'll be good enough to be featured
JoannaMoory's avatar
I'm sure you will be. There is huge pontential in your works :thumbsup: And you're getting even better by each drawing :)
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akaLilithHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey!! Sorry for my late reply. What a great article! The featured artworks are so spectacular. :worship:

Thanks so much for including my works in there. What an honour!!:hug:
JoannaMoory's avatar
You're welcome and you all are truly spectacular :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for adding my piece of news to your favourites :hug:
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