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Lord Of The Rings

By Joanamosi
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This happened today while I was studying Geometry. My mom shouted from the living room that Lord Of The Rings was on TV at that moment, but I was studying so... I shouldn't get distracted xD

But common is LOTR! AND THE HOBBITS WERE BEING TAKEN TO ISENGARD! :| I just love this film.
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Deathlydollies13Hobbyist General Artist
One does not simply say "no" when having a change to watch the Lord of the rings. One does not simply... [emote] 
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So true.
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every day of my life.
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psyothicHobbyist General Artist
anyone would drop everyting for this shit. 
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Genie92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That happens to me sometimes!:XD:
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OdamakoHobbyist Traditional Artist
So true XD
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This is so me.... Lol XD
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PrincessSybillineHobbyist General Artist
Everyone can relate to this XD 
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ZeirsStudent Traditional Artist
Lol, thats basically me when it comes to LOTR or the Hobbits. Nice job !
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Oh this is my life :D (Big Grin)  The're taking the hobbits to Isengard :happybounce: 
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HuntrivikyosOfTheOldHobbyist Writer
My life....
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Wolfmaker677Hobbyist General Artist
I am the exact same. I LOVE LOTR!!! :)
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NoivoomHobbyist Writer
this is weird because lots of people where like: "Lord of the Rings is awesome! blah blah blah" and I didn't know what they where talking about but then when me and my brother went to EB Games and he bought Lego Lord of the Rings game we started getting into it. then the Two Towers came on tv, we decided to watch it and now we watch it we are like: Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1]  
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HuntrivikyosOfTheOldHobbyist Writer
I'm a LOTR addict, I know how you feel
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we all say that and then this happens
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Romy-AimeeHobbyist General Artist
this Always literaly Always happens to me... also with other movies -.-''
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Yeah, that happens a lot to me too.
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 Don't worry too much my dear fellow - every fan needs those moments where he or she can just about convince themselves that they've conquered their Fascinations, if only so that they can feel confident that their addiction is not ENTIRELY hopeless.;) (Wink) 
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JoanamosiProfessional General Artist
Momo Kisaragi (Big Smile) [V5] 
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ChcolateHatHobbyist Artist
I know that feel bro... Hug 
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