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MLP FIM comic - Lyra Love Bon Bon

By Joakaha
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... <3

Hope you like it! ^^
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yeah baby! the most classic shipping in this fandom! X3
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Thats so cute and funny
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when Bon Bon speaks, she says "aww.. I love you DO lyra" but it's supposed to be "awww. I love you too lyra"
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she says: I KNOW you do.
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way to go Lyra

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3rd best ship :3
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The shipping is strong with this one....
It hit my gut pretty hard....
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Awwwww, this is so cute. Sorry to see that you're getting a lot of anti-shipping comments on it, but it's a really sweet piece and there are also a lot of people here really appreciating it, so don't let the haters deter you. Thanks for sharing. :3
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"Hope you like it! ^^" I don't.
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I don't know how to take this cute or creepy 0-0 i don't like 
Lybon shipping but it's kinda cute soo...
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Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.....
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Like the art.
Strongly dislike the shipping.
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Why do people always feel the need to state that.
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Because some people feel the need to add sexual elements to something I try to enjoy for it's relative innocence in content
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Nothing about this is sexual. It's two people in love, just like Mr. and Mrs. Cake, but I doubt you complain about that, which is very telling. Get over your prejudices. 
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My prejudices? Oh, that's rich. No, this isn't "Two people in love". This is two characters from a franchised show acting in a sexual manner, which is disgusting.

Don't even give me bullshit about "Hurr, well kissing isn't sexual!" because it damn well is. You'd know that if you you had actually had a real life relationship. 
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Daaaaw that is so cute especially Bon Bon's face in the last panel
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