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MLP FIM - Tree Hugger

By Joakaha
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I loved that episode, best one so far! :D

Hope you like her! :heart:
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She's so pretty .
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Another cute and wonderful illustration. Tree Hugger is supposed to be a parody of hippies and grassroots activists, but she ended up being a down-to-earth, friendly pony you would love to have as a friend. You captured her personality and sweetness very well!

Fluttershy dance Her new friend approves!
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She reminds me sooo much of Shaundi.

I wonder if Saints Row was an inspiration for this episode?
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I just looooove her! Soo much! :3 
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she is so cute ! ... how i wish hug her is adorable and lovely   :happybounce:   Love 
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beautiful hippie pony ^///^ Love 
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I just realized something.

Tree Hugger is the only pony with obvious eyebrows.

You don't see eyebrows on other ponies. (Maybe I'm wrong? I know that the Mane 6 don't)
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For the whole episode I thought Tree Hugger was just high as all hell.
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Cute .! Exellent c:
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Tree Hugger is cute!
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AWww ^_^ I agree, totally loved the episode, 11/10 for me.  :3   I loved how they dreadlocked her mane, she reminds me of about half of the girls I met at college, it was an environmental/natural resources college, so.. Treehugger would have fit right at home!!  Great art!! :D
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My chakras feel so cleansed. :D
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Definitely the best episode of the season so far.
Loved her. Especially her voice. "We can't say she's high all the time, but she totally is."
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*Opens arms* Hugging!

The fans fell in love wit her.

BEautiful work
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tree hugger x fluttershy omg i ship it so hard
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This is great, but a big shame about the JPG artifacts! Do you have this in higher quality?
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1st time I have actually liked Tree Hugger. Very nice!
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