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MLP FIM - Thorax

By Joakaha
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Thorax: All I want is a friend...

Hope you like it!
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This is me when I wake up
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He was the only adorable changeling in the entire swarm!
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Can I please use this as a fanfic cover? I promise to give you credit and a link back here. 
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thorax the bab
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I think Thorax she used as an asset.I mean think about it.He is a wealth of Intelligence information about Queen Chrysalis and The Changling Hive.Of course I wouls do a Micheal Westin and talk to him and pry Thorax for information.It would be useful to have and use,should Chrysalis attack Equestria again.In fact I may use that in my current fan-fic,"The Crisis".
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OMG i got so hype for this episode :3333<33333333333333333333
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yes queen chrysalis and the changelings just AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! give me moooooore <333333333333333333
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I will be your friend. Wanna go watch Star Trek Beyond tonight?  
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Hay you okay buddy?
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Thorax: I guess so.
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You need a hug buddy?Hug
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Fuck's sake! This is SOO ADORABLE!!!
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Glad to hear! :D
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No prob bro! :)
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Aw, he is so cute :happybounce: 
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You're very welcome ;з
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I will be his friend and give him all the love he can eat :D Plus chocolate chip cookies
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