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MLP FIM The Movie - Queen Novo

By Joakaha
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I really love her design as well, so I just had to draw her too! :heart:

The queen of the sea, usually queens meens evil in cartoon. Hmm... I hope she is not evil... :)
It will be so interesting to see what they will do with the sea ponies! :D

Can't wait for the movie to come out in October! >,< :dance:

Other sea pony here -->  MLP FIM The Movie - Princess Skystar by Joakaha

Hope you like her! :heart:
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She's so beautiful!
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She is probably the most gorgeous seapony in Seaquestria. Oh, I can't wait to see her appear in the show, and this chance may be low but I won't give up my hope. ^^
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Yeah, Novo's really beautiful even though I don't trust her after what I've seen of her in the movie.
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You do realize she's just a fictional character, right? Half the comments I see you make of her feel like she kicked a dog or something.
You seriously need to stop getting so worked up over her. I literally can't go through a Novo image without you basically repeating yourself over the same things. Its getting real tiresome...
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She is the most Wonderful and Beautiful sea pony in seaquestria
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She's so pretty 
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She's beautiful like her daughter. 
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She's my favorite character of the movie she's the most beautiful sea pony in seaquestria 
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interesting fact the actress who going to play this character also voiced bismuth from steven universe
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HohoHO ! We gettin :iconseemanplz: POnies now !
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I am really hoping she's not the villain, because I like her already.
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If hasbro can make (and keep) her a good character, they maybe, just maybe, bust disney's BS stereotype that has plagued the kids entertainment universe for almost a century
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She is beautiful!Love 
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All queens are evil?  The Queen I know are the Princes Of The Universe (since that Queen is a rock band with the late Freddie Mercury).
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YAY! Nice Seaponies! Can't wait for the movie!!
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