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MLP FIM - Starlight Glimmer Is Annoyed By Trixie

My fav part of episode 2. :D

Starlight Glimmer: ... 

Trixie: Is something wrong...?

Hope you like them! :heart:
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"Yaaaaay, Trixie! You are sexy, great and powerful and good to Starlight. And you have great light blue hair, too!"

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Yayyy Trixie, you're so great at magic, and having good hair~
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Starlight's giving the look of 'Let Go of My Hooves'. That was pretty funny.
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Here's another take on this scene:

Trixie: Please Glim-Glam, let me smell your armpits, I'll bet you smell so nice. The great and powerful Trixie likes a girl who smells good.
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Every night in my dreams 
I see you,I feel you...
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StarLight: Deep breaths, keep calm. XD
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Starlight: Tell you what, Patricia. If you hurry it up just a little, I'll let you go see Rarity for a while. She can teach you about this new power. I hear she does great work making clothes. Oh and as a treat, I have a discount coupon from Rarity For You! Would you like one?
Trixie: Glim Glam, in the past, your Patricia wouldn't normally learn from the Rules Of Rarity. But since you are my powerful and loving girlfriend, sure, I accept. The great and powerful Trixie L. would love to learn about the Art Of The Dress. It's a fashionista power that can help me make some new outfits for my magic shows.
Starlight: I'll call Rarity through my Twiballerina Com Nexus and inform her you're coming over for. If you're good to her, she'll let you make some dresses yourself. You might even get to sing 'Art Of The Dress' with her after work.
Trixie: Patricia would so like that!
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"Yay Trixie! You're so great at magic and you have great hair" XD
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Don't push your luck, Trix.

Starlight might be reformed but she's still got a scary temper.
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it's awesome to see so much of trixie in the season :3
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If this were the Titanic scene:

Trixie: Uhh...what's wrong?

Starlight: You do realize we're sinking right?
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Trixie: You are king of the world!

Starlight: Trixie, you're not helping...

Trixie: We're on the Teatanic! Get it?

Starlight: I'll never let you go, Trixie...
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That was a good scene :D
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Loved that part
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Yeah, hope to see more Celestia in this season. ^^
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Starlight triggered!
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This was just too good.
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