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MLP FIM - Sassy Saddles And Rarity

OMG, finally finish took forever to do!!! ><;

Have draw some Sassy Saddles. And I just love the way Rarity react and the feeling when she was miserable... ><

I really hope you love it! :heart:

P'S I love comments! :heart:
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Canterlot Boutique is definitely in my top 5 for favorite episodes of season five, talking about the importance of having different ideas instead of one repetitive idea. But I digress. The way in which Sassy is putting so much weight on Rarity's shoulders (quite literally, when you think about it!) can be clearly seen through Rarity's miserable state. One of my favorite parts of this drawing is Sassy saying "Bla Bla Bla". It's never made clear as to what she is saying, but whatever it may be, it certainly is too much for Rarity to take in. Also that little squiggly line over Rarity's head is a nice tough, too. It's almost comedic as to how much Sassy is pushing her, but it generates sympathy at the same time. While I don't find this drawing to be entirely original, it's still fascinating to look at, and there are some creative interpretations you can take out of it.
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Come on, Sassy Saddles... don't you see that Rarity is exhausted? Wonderful piece, by the way! :love: :love: :love:
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Um, I hope what I ask doesn't seem rude. But is this fan art shipping  of them together or just helping each other out? Because if it's about shipping  I'll take it off my favorites. I'm really sorry about this :(
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I don't really shipping no one. I just do whatever. :)
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Oh, I see. Ok then :)
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I like Sassy Saddles, but only because she is voiced by Kelly Sheridan.
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sassy saddles has a fat horn
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Not really, but it is longer.
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no, her horn is fat. its huge around the base and its angled in a weird way. and her mouth is weird. every part of her is uniquely shaped. she's too different.
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I think she's more of a horse based unicorn.
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This fanart looks very shippy! Do you ship them?
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poor rarity she forgot that she OWNED the shop. if your manager steps on your perfectly prepared pony petti fire her ass.
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Yeah indeed. :)
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:iconsassysaddlesplz: :iconsaysplz: You know, I'm one of the ponies who redeemed on the very same episode that I caused grief to Rarity. :iconsaysend-plz:
:iconrarityiscuteplz: :iconsaysplz: Indeed. And that leads to one simple reward... :iconsaysend-plz:
:iconsexys3rarityplz: :iconsaysplz: ...You won't be coming back to this show anytime soon. :iconsaysend-plz:
:iconsassysaddlesplz: :iconsaysplz: Aw, is somepony still upset of the constant designing of the Princess Dress? :iconsaysend-plz:
:iconrarityslappedplz: :iconsaysplz: N...N....NO! :iconsaysend-plz:
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Hehe, good one! :D
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This looks very good! :D Keep it up! :)
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