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MLP FIM - Princess Luna Love Her Music

By Joakaha
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She really love her music... :heart: ^^

Hope you like her! ^^
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This is me.
My music is my life(besides ponies)
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The MOST adorable piece of Luna work I've seen ever!! She makes you wanna embrace her warmly and share those headphones together. Beautiful! ^w^
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I wonder what kind of music she likes to listen to
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I love this! I hope you don't mind if I feature it (the link) at… 
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linkinpark i big fan too
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like her, I love her!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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She listening Nightwish ? :)
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Heee... Awesome! :D
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i clicked the link and gangnam style just started to play here.
nice job ;)! her headphone is so cool, i wanna buy it XD
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"Double your pleasure. Double your fun." Forever~by Chris Brown :lol:
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I really love your Luna art! You should do some young Luna art!
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She's listening to George Clinton's "Walk The Dinosaur".
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Hell yeah she love her music! She's the Princess OF THE NIGHT. MUSIC of the night? YEAH she loves music! XD AMAZING job!
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like her? i love her! love this!
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"Her" music for sure.

Lot of brony musicians made songs about Luna. From classical to electronic, by rock and hip-hop. A lot of them. Now, that's love for our beloved princess of the night. Seeing her smile warms my heart...

Beautiful work
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I think she listens to classical, for some reason...or techno.
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As she once said in a tumblr, she loves "anything that gets her hooves moving!"
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Maybe she's finally getting to hear "Lullaby for a Princess." Very pretty :)
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