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MLP FIM - Maud Pie

Maud Pie is one of Pinkie Pies sisters and she is comming up in the next episode. :)

Hope you like her! :)
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Look how happy Maud is. She can't hide her excitement. :D (Big Grin) 
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I would not put it above the Brony community to make a song about Maud Pie.  I am trying to make four different playlists based on the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) which is done in honor of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I have had difficulties in the Earth section since my search results usually turn up Earth Day songs and Rock N' Roll is the name of a popular style of music.  Do you know if there are any songs about Maud Pie?
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she is my favorite character. I LOVE YOU MAUD!!! <3 <3 <3
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She is my favorite secundar character <3 Love you Maud!
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no? alright *hides in a croner*
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Haha, she is just about the cutest thing ever.
I think Maud is becoming one of my favorite guest characters. :D
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She looks great ! Love 
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You can say she's as emotional as a rock. lol
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I am amazed that there is already fan art of her already :)
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:T this was made like 2 days ago XDDD
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Looks awesome! :)
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So this is what Raven would look like if she was a pony.
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I actually think that Maud IS Raven. Look at the similarities between the two of them. 
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Yeah...and wasn't happy raven pink 0_0
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To be honest. I really don't remember a time when Raven was happy. As with Maud, she didn't do well with showing emotions. Well, when she got mad or frustrated you could tell that VERY easily.
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raven as in raven from *ahem* what was it called again?
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