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MLP FIM - Little Octavia Need To Practise

Octavia's mom: You are a lady you don't play outside...

Hope you like her! ^^ :heart:
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Reminds me of "Puppet to her Fame"
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Coming from an Asian family, for me it was the violin. Now I'm dropping out of university to enlist in the army lmao. Moral of the story, the tighter the leash, the farther they will go when it snaps.
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Aw... poor Tavi... she can't have fun as a normal filly... :worry: :worry: :worry:
Love the story you made on this pic, though! :love: :love: :love:
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Tavi's mum is harsh, you're only a filly once Tavi, you should make the most of it and not practice cello 24/7
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I can actually imagine Tavi's childhood being like this.
Maybe in season 5 we'll see a backstory.

She's a Pie  An Apple.
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Make's me think of 'A Puppet to her Fame'...
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I wonder if Octavia's mother is proud of her now. I like to think so.
And I'm sure Vinyl's antics make up for Octavia's missed childhood.
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I actually play cello myself.
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me too i played when i was in 4th grade :3
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Nice! I'm planning on playing professionally later on! 
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cool im still a little bad i need to continued playing
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It's okay! The more you practice, the better you'll get! Most people in my class don't even take their instrument home!
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XD ya i know a lot of people who don't do that :3
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I play with my shoelaces. Sometimes.
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I wish i can come up with a cool song :)
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Man, poor Tavi. I bet Vinyl never had this problem.
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Oh goodness, this is too cute! o3o ~
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Do what you can do - a break is still a necessity and I'd say go make some friends! :aww:
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dosent we all need to practise? :3
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