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July 24, 2017
Passion by joacoful is such a beautiful portrait you can't help but fall in love with the whimsical smooth colors and warm rays of light.
Featured by KovoWolf
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This is really pretty! :wow: Congrats on the DD! :clap:
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Congrats on the DD!
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Lovely sweet-n-soft..
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Okay it's beyond me how folks make such realistic paintings. Or maybe it's just called "being a skillful artist". However in full view I'm capable of seeing things that stand out a little but in small preview, I thought it's just a photo. Damn dude you presented some high quality piece of art and without any doubt you surely deserve daily deviation. I love your artwork and I can't do nothing else but wish you good luck in your artistic career. Keep it up!
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It looks like Regina George
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Yeah, I can see lots of similarities. I believe she was your inspiration?
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My inspiration?
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Maybe? I dunno. You're the artist here, not me xd
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I think that you don't understand me... Well nevermind then. ._.
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Wow ! It looks so real ! Fantastic Job ! :D
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Omg you the MVP!!!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I am thinking that "Addiction" might have been a more appropriate title. 
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The name is beautifully ironic. While the effort you've put in shows that you have amazing passion for your art, the person seems to be lacking passion herself. The name is ironic, and it's what makes it truly stand out.
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That too. Both would've been amazing titles. But I guess it's up for interpretation.
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Beautiful work. I love the warm lighting
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Congratulations on the Daily Deviation! :) This really is a beautiful piece of art. As often as I can, I do these 1-hour music composition exercises. Take one hour and compose something. This time I was inspired by the atmosphere in this painting! You can listen to the short 1 minute piece here if you want to :) Passion
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Congratulations on DD!
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this is photo?
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soft and beautiful :3
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