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Windows7 Aero for XP


windows7 Aero.msstyles for Windows XP
Icons 32px & 48px

Five colors: Twilight , Graphite , Sky , Ruby , Leaf

SAME Windows 8 Aero theme Here : [link]

SAME VISTA THEME here : [link]

Shell32.dll :[link]

Msgina.dll : [link]

Msgina.dl : [link]

Msgina.dl : [link]

LogonUI.exe : [link]

CTrl+Alt+Del : [link]

For a perfect 7 style.

How to install , it's easy :

- First , unzip the compressed files to C:\windows\resources\themes

- In Theme Patcher Run the Patcher.exe of your SP ( look at proprerties ) AND RESTART YOUR COMPUTER, it's imperative for have themes.

- Double click for run the Aero x32 or Aerox48.theme (Icons 32x32 or 48x48) and chose your color.

- Apply

( Perhaps ,you must have a message that the theme is too big but you can apply. This the XP's protections we have get around with the patch ).


Window Border : 5
Active Window : Segoe UI 9, RVB: 18,18,18
Selected elements : 184,208,242
Menu: Segoe UI 9 ,RVB: 41,79,124
Notification Balloon (Info-bulle) : RVB: 235,235,245
message box or 3D object : 240,240,240

- Based to my old Windows 7 Ultimate msstyles
- True window border
- UXtheme patcher SP1 SP2 SP3 is added

- Credits to Gutuu [link] for his toolbar's buttons.
- For the best imitation use iconizer [link]

Glass taskbar with Transbar : [link]

Glass start menu and shadow of windows with y'z shadow : [link]


Comments are welcome.
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task bar is a little too big and the font is a little blurred
tmizera's avatar
I have problems  with  glass:  link * 

*This link going to picture!
tmizera's avatar
Information for  end: Glass not  applied!
AlwinaJarabejo21's avatar
What " Patcher.exe "? In the theme patcher, there are SP1 and SP2 Patcher and SP3 Patcher. Which there I am going to run? Answer Please...
BBWanimelover23's avatar
But the toolbar ist a little bit too big.

Sry for my bad english im from germany :)
gooooooooooooood work
ericstrd's avatar
Very nice, if it had a Styler toolbar added, it woul;d be epic.
Toxicc054's avatar
I do like this upgrade. Very nice work.
But there is one issue that I am experiencing....when I open the start menu the *log off/ turn off computer* tab is laying directly on top of the *search program* tab partially hiding it, and not below it as that tab should be.
Joack's avatar
Can you make a screenshot ??
chic6951's avatar
great art work!
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How about msstyle with glass taskbar.. can somebody do it
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Glass taskbar with Transbar : [link]

Glass start menu et shadow of windows with y'z shadow : [link]
i see but what i want glass taskbar only. not icon tray
Joack's avatar
So only transbar : [link]
Problème résolu , merci à toi et encore bravo pour ce magnifique thème.
Très beau thème malheureusement j'ai un petit problème en ce qui concerne les boutons des fenêtres: en effet je n'en ai qu'un seul et celui ci est tout petit ci joint un screen :

Joack's avatar
Je constate sur ton screen que tu utilises l'ancien theme windows7 32px et 48px j'ai modifié celui-ci en aero 48 et 32 au niveau des fenetres et menu demarrer et il est bien meilleur , tu peux le retélecharger et l'installer ( sans la uxtheme car tu l'a déjà fait )
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