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I Support Copyrights Stamp

A copyright is literally the right to copy, or more specifically, the right to control copies of an original work, in whole or in part, be it writing, music, drawing, or otherwise.

The creator of a piece attains the copyright from the minute it is fixed in a tangible medium (including digital).

This stamp is not intended for the legal idea of a copyright, which is very complex, but rather the simple concept that we should respect this fundamental right of others and ask for permission if we want to use or redistribute their work. When in doubt, It's always better to ask first =)

For more info on copyrights please visit [link] and [link]

Originally made in Photoshop CS
And yes, this stamp is © me ;P
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using, thank you!
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i'm gonna use this
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Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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If its your writing or your characters you have a right to say no, if its not your work. And its not actually published by like a book,tv show,and movie. It's considered theft, not everyone wants their work used and people have a right to say no. 
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Get the fuck off the internet you copyright nazi. I am mad because I am not good at drawing Manga or Anime and I feel like Art Theft.
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And now you ARE off DA.
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I would reply, but this account has been suspended. I couldn't begin to imagine why.
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Can I ask you a question? How do you ask permission to the owner? I always have problems trying to figure this one out.
For example, lets just say that you are using some kind of music in you're videos but you have to ask permission to the owner. How on earth can I do that? Just curious.
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You would probably start by looking at their website, and seeing if there is some way to contact them there. Also some artists will have a section on their site that specifically addresses usage of their work on youtube.
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Then we cannot use it woithout your permission?  :0
I like the Creative Commons site, whereby you can choose what you will and won't allow done with your work.  You might want to check them out.  I use Creative Commons 4.0.…
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If I saw this in 2-12 and and early 2013, I would have disagreed with this stamp.  But I support copyright now.  I just think it goes a bit too far sometimes (especially with SOPA, PIPA, TPP, etc.).
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:iconbelongsplz:, for the word! :w00t: :+fav:
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Ah, yes...very nice :-) my pleasure :-)
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