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Video Wars

Subscription-cover for the 42nd issue of LEVEL magazine.

Made with Photoshop.
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Wow! (where's anyone from Star Wars:Battlefront?)

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Oh c'mon red vic viper?not lord british?
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A classic artwork of the some of the best games in one picture!
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
Well this is just fantastic.
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Shove your dumb-fuck words up your ass.
jnkboy's avatar
I'm sure you could do better
Nightingale122's avatar
If you added commander Shepard in there, then yeah I guess it could be better. The reason I said awful is because of master chief. Everything else looks okay but not for master chief
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This is so cool!!! But you totally should have made pac-man the death star
D-Prototype's avatar
That is the coolest thing I've seen all day! So much badass!
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hell yeah vic viper needs more love
redVblue's avatar
Is that Ashley from Mass Effect?
OceanViewComics's avatar
:D Wing Commander and Space Quest!
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The ultimate tribute to space games, yes please! :D
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