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They Live

As a circa 1991 coin-op.

Made with photoshop.
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Nice work. I would totally play this. 
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I have come here to pick up fried chicken on the road and kick ass. And I'm all out of fried chicken on the road.
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That's too cool!
HAHAHA...f****n great !
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...and control the U.S. Govt.
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kickstarter needed !
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Salutations sir, beautifully done.
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Where was this my whole life? *FAVES*
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Is this all your own stuff or were bits taken from actual games?
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Showed this to friends and they are still convinced it's a actual game! lol
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Oh! I  have seen this movie in one of my classes! the ending was unpredictable lol XD
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Exelent, great work!!
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Looks pretty awesome :D
I've just watched that movie, the ending is so weird!
Can someone make this game please? KickStarter?
can someone please make this game, KickStarter?
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We were doing something similar and found this. Truly stunning render of what the game would look like. I wish we could play this!
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So good, man. I love finding fellow They Live fans! Great job!
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H-Hey its Cheese dip head over there "I got one that can SEE..." lol seriously sometimes I feel like all 1% snobs are aliens to the 98.5% of us -,-
Shut up and take my money :D
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Oh My God.
Oh My God.
I wish I could have bigger fonts to write it.

F******g AMAZING!
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You just captured the style 100 percent! i bow in your direction.
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