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Planet of the Apes (DOS, 1990)

By jnkboy
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This music + you artwork + my imagination = I REALLY WANT THIS TO BE A REAL GAME…

Fantastic work

They are alive, even though it's a one frame image.

I was just watching the Planet of Apes film and saw this screenshot, and searched the whole Internet to find this game.

This is why a respect pixel art more then 3d, or any other modern art.

Brings back so many memories of Dos games

Thank you very much

Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can totally see him nod and open and closing his mouth.
(in my mind, that is. i'm not that crazy...)
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Love the rocks and all the details!
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I'll be honest -- I would pay money to play this thing.
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That looks like the Good oldschool games
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awesome! would've been awesome
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Where did you learn to pixel so good? I want to pixel like you, this is outstanding! :D
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Sweet, I love The Dig!
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As brilliant as it gets.
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Wonderful, man, just aces.

"You got what you wanted, tiger."
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What are those things on the mountain?
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They're "Scarecrows" to keep apes from entering as well as mark the edge of the forbidden zone. If I remember, they were human pelts. I haven't seen the film in awhile so my memory is fuzzy ^^; 
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Thank you for the Llama :-)
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They're kinda like Scarecrows. The Apes put them there to mark where The Forbidden Zone is.
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