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Haggar piledriving a shark

I figured I'd upload this for historical reasons. I drew this is a quick throw-away joke, back in 2006, quickly forgetting about it.

Only found out long after the fact that it had become a meme of sorts, with one of the high points being that it was featured on Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

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He only wanted belly rub

I guess that’s why Haggar got banned from so many aquariums. LOL

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My beard just grew a beard.
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I got here because of a photo that shows this drawing:
1) as a joystick art
2) as a tattoo on a leg's calf…
I Think someone stole credit for your amazing art work. It's on FB with their logo on it. Dont' know if you care or not, I would be pissed!! See for yourself...
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Always loved this image, saw it on 4chan back in the day. Congrats on creating some truly memorable internet.
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If you had the royalty payments for all the times this image has been arbitrarily used on the Internet you'd never need to worry about money again.
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Wow, I thought this was official Capcom art!
I know Death Battle used this is reliable source for their Haggar VS Zangief battle. 
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Got any Team Fortress 2 pictures?
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Looks like Saxton Hale
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Come on now?
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wait, that was from you?  That draw thread was so awesome!

and it was /b/  .. could it be that it was a year earlier?
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All hail Mayor of the Earth!!! XD
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Glad to finally meet the creator of this beauty.
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The thing is that I used this as a wallpaper for over a year or so
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"And if i am re-elected, the amount of sharks pile driven in this city will double"
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Boomstick: Next Jaws needs more Haggar!
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manliness redefined :iconsuperw00tplz:
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I feel bad for that shark... He looks so scared...T-T XD
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Looking at this picture will make your face and chest hair explode out and tear your clothes. Even if you're a woman. Please don't look at this directly without eye protection if you're a woman.
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