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April 14, 2015
Doomguy by jnkboy
Featured by MidnightExigent
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With a nod or 9000 to Otomo.
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Can you upload a higher resolution copy of this? It's amazing

GodonGurando's avatar
This shotgun looks like a semi-auto shotgun, not a pump-action shotgun.
BTW, awesome artwork.
orcus35's avatar
Tetsuooooooooooo !
Nomad-Entity's avatar
sharknob's avatar
Fantastic work! 
TheIvoryFalcon's avatar
I can totally see the otomo influence, nice work, looks dope
Konoko88's avatar
Nice art! Looks like he's in trouble.
Veggiebad's avatar
I love this comic book style! Great work!
FlakTaryd's avatar
Brah!! Just like Doom!!
Doomaholic's avatar
Duuuude awesome! And you're the guy who did the Luftrausers artwork? Top notch, man!
Morhawkee's avatar
Man, this is so good. You should consider it as a large print..
But in general, loving all of your work :)
Ponentguy's avatar
Hell yeah... That is how it feels!
Orgazmo1's avatar
and crazily enough as soon as I see this, the game music starts running through my head.  da, da, dana, da, da, da dana, da, da, da, dana, da, da, da, dadada.....
DesignDuo-PKV2's avatar
Wow, its man looks very cool)
MercedesAsheSorrel's avatar
This kind of looks like Jayne from Firefly.
ShawnPrairie's avatar
So flipping cool.
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davidvladimir2000's avatar
Excelente trabajo, muy buen detalle y perfecta colorización.
Adeu's avatar
Wow, just like an AKIRA comic, congrats :)
Otomo's style is really well represented :)
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
I didn't notice that this was in Katsuhiro's style until you mentioned it.
Seriously, he's like the third best manga artist ever.
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
Look up Berserk manga, then come back.
The other is Hayao Miyazaki because Nausicaa started as a manga.
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