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Cakes are overrated anyway

By jnkboy
Made with Photoshop.
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Whoaaaa dude this is awesome. :) I really love the way you used the colors on this piece, not to mention the styling, too. Good job! :)
Amayirot-Akago's avatar
Me: "Hey, Ic-- *notices Chell* -o?!"

Awesome picture :D
Darkacuda's avatar
Awesome, two amazing game characters, from two amazing puzzle video games. Job well done~ :icongrin--plz:
Peris-Productions's avatar
THe best thing I have seen this year. Clever crossover, geeky and loveable. Love it, love it, love it! Keep up the good work mate!!
popokoli's avatar
I love this so much.
Mietschie's avatar
yaaaay ico and chell xD <3<3
EVxcii's avatar
0.0 *dies* two awesome games
Akibono's avatar
two of my fav games ever
i had to fave it :shrug:
christsaga's avatar
Cool! ICO and Chell!
PieWizard's avatar
If I'm not mistaken. That boy with horns is Ico?
chili-t-melluzzo's avatar
Chell need not be dragged around by some boy with horns!
She's too badass ;)

But badass pic
I am just loving you more and more.
MLeth's avatar
Haha, klockren idé!
kalasad's avatar
Amazing art, and a ICO and Portal crossover is such a great idea too!
Clubtail's avatar
I like how Chell is looking back. They both have some great expressions.
dalziel-krowley's avatar
alef76304101's avatar
There's only 1 flaw, girl from portal is not using those metal heels.... i saw this picture in EPIC!!!
SolBlaylock's avatar
This is so cute, and so clever.
T-R-L's avatar
Ico? I love you for that! Capital L love that game.
duaardo's avatar

so cute :3
she could bring the portal gun <3
LukeDenby's avatar
I'd play the hell out of that game
Miracle-overloading's avatar
This makes me impossibly happy.

Words do not describe.
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