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Brutal Legend SCUMM

With a nod to Tim Schafer's previous games.

Made with Photoshop.
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This calls for a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle!
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Great game, but all the puzzles had the same answer.

To be fair, it really IS a great answer.
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This could work.
I mean it. It's pretty awesome as a concept. 
The idea of the solos have been used in old games like this before like the game LOOM.

Although as a minor note, I think the "Use axe on big ugly demon" maybe should have read "Use Axe on curiously sexy in a weird way demon."
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What could possibly be more metal than Brutal Legend?
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I'd play the shit out of this.
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"Use axe on (kind of sexy) demon"
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Brütal Island! 
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Holy shit, this is awesome!
I believe you are the awesome awesomeness !

Great job, not only for Brutal Legend Scumm !

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There is no word known to man that would be sufficient to describe how much this ROCKS! :headbang:
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So, very win.
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You nailed the style!
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God, I want to play this.
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I love Tim Schafers Games (Although... I really need to play ALL of them XD) and Brütal Legends as OldSchool-P&C would be sooooo awesome. Great Job!
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It hit me.If they can make Broken Age a P&C then a BL spin off a la Far Cry Blood Dragon is also possible.

Kickstarter/Indiegogo also count.
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I wish this was a game made by the company.

Cause If they made it, That would be pretty f***ing badass!
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I don't remember this game...
brutal legend for the snes
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