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How to make Hoof Prints

How to make Hoof Prints in Sand
The final product can be seen on my Bay Andalusian digital painting here: [link]

It's a very simple process, and can be done really in two simple steps once you get the hang of it. You can either create the same one over and over again, or (recommended) make different ones to show hoof fall variations.
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He he, hoping to use this for snow x'3
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I used it to help me here:… Thanks so much!
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Thanks! Really helpful, I was kinda getting it on my own but now this showed me what I was messing up on, thanks so much :)
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So pretty! I will use this someday, definitely!
ethereal-foxx's avatar
Thanks! Looks great and I always wondered how
TangeledDesignsI's avatar
Eztremely esy and helpful!!!!
DeatH-OF-InnocencE's avatar
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This helped me to make this here [link]
Thank you!! :hug:
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Superb tutorial - hoofprints are the bane of my life, but this will really simplify things. Thanks!
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Thanks for this nice tutorial :) I used it today the first time..sure, needs practice, but iam happy with the outcoming of the hoove prints :)
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Very usefull thanks
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sweet! can't wait to try it :D
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This is great! I bet I can make it work in GIMP too, and even for snow manips! THANK YOU!
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thanks i've been wanting to do a sandy manip but suck at hoof prints as well.this should help alot!thanks
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Wow, you make it look so simple, thanks!
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O ma gosh! FINALLY! :D
JNFerrigno's avatar
LOL I'm glad you like!
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Lol, its really helpful. Thanks so much for making it.
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