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COM: Philomena's Rapier

Commission for *Graphix-Goddess of a reference for a weapon in a story she's writing (hence the watermarking!) She wanted an elegant silver rapier with an angelic theme. Had a lot of fun on this one. :) First post of 2013!

Weapon Commission
Commission is for :Graphix-Goddesst:! Please do not use!

Interested in commissioning me? Please check out my info here!

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It's Splendid.

Sideswords definitely deserve more love in stories, there are beautiful and amazing.

My novel's protagonist use a sword like this and I've longed to find an image that would suit the desgin i have in mind, since i have no design or drawing skills.

Yours is defintely in my top 3, if not number 1. thank you.
CrescentWolvesStudio's avatar
this design caught my eye as soon as I seen it :) I have honestly spent month's trying to find a sample close enough for what I wanted to go for with an 'Angelic' themed Katana that had an angel wing wrapping around to act like the guard. Glad to see someone else thought of a relatively similar concept and you did it so well for them! :) now I just gotta hope I can eventually get my design done. (Its a pain because the character who wields the sword design I am looking to make was a character inspired by, and created by a friend of mine for my story, originally he wanted the character as a Paladin, but then switched to a Blade Master type class, so hence why the Angelic themed Katana design, just means more work lol)
Mewnna-Caythin's avatar
Ooh this design is truly magnificent!  I can imagine a mystical guardian descending from the heavens above wielding this glorious weapon.  A true masterpiece you have created.
Lucario-Stl's avatar
Personal opinion, do you think such a blade can be made?
JNetRocks's avatar
Absolutely, nothing particularly otherworldly about this one or anything.  The crossguard is based on real rapier designs, and the swirling wing patterns is just a matter of finding the right metal-smithing...person? lol
JusticeBerglund's avatar
perfect example of elagance.
JNetRocks's avatar
Thank you so much!  :)  I really liked this one.
JusticeBerglund's avatar
I really liked it too!
RockyMoreno's avatar
Epic! It's positively heavenly.
JNetRocks's avatar
Aww 'sank you Rocky dear!
RockyMoreno's avatar
Reign05's avatar
Very awesome, Jnet!!

I really like the focus of the feathers, too! Very cool effect!! :nod: :love:

Your designs are always great to look at!!! :)
JNetRocks's avatar
Aw, thanks so much Reign. <3
Reign05's avatar
You're very welcome!!!! :D
Noodleishious's avatar
So cooool!!! Super awesome work Jeanette!!! You're so god damn godlike at making weapons :D
JNetRocks's avatar
Haha, I dunno about that. ;P <3 Thank you N00dle!
amarlise's avatar
Wow, the handle looks amazing. I love your weapon designs.
JNetRocks's avatar
Thanks Cuz! :D I like doing weapons they are something different and a nice break from people ya know?
amarlise's avatar
Yeah :) I would like to start designing a few weapons myself to get out of my comfort zone!
Saiiza's avatar
SO PRETTY!~ How I missed your art.
JNetRocks's avatar
G'awww thank you Saiiza! :) Definitely had a slow spell there during the holidays, hehe.
Saiiza's avatar
I'm having a horrible slow spell too. I won't ever get better if I don't practice..
nautiwood's avatar
I like that one JNet... Good looking weapon.
JNetRocks's avatar
<3 Thanks so much! :D
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