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The Caretaker

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"Usually the Doctor, or the Caretaker, or Get Off This Planet. Though, strictly speaking, that probably isn't a name."
- 11th Doctor; 'The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe'

He's so serious when he says that, lol.

11th Doctor Quote #10

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"BANG! Martha Jones Rose Tyler Donna Noble TARDIS!" (That might not be accurate. I forgot what order the names were in, but I know TARDIS is last...)

-10th Doctor, Midnight
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after that episode i went to my mom.
"hey mom."
"Can I have a hammock for a bed?"
"because the doctor/caretaker gave one to the children who went to narnia."
"O-O No."
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I LOVE THIS ONE!!! it was great and i love the whole narnia thing, and he cut back on the beds, ha lol
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ilike the part after thatwhen he said the stairs were broken
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Lol. I do as well. :D
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Si-fi and comedy in one go? :rofl:
though....I think I heard "get off this planet" from another doctor too, 3rd was Exiled to Earth.
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lol one of my favorite episodes, even if the trees living inside the mom was a bit weird even for DW.
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Of course he's serious, that's what he get's yelled at him before the gun's blare.
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XD oh I love that line~
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What if we never see the Doctor because we're all stuck in Rose's universe?!
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Rose's universe? You mean Pete's world, with all the bloody zeppelins?
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Ugh, the zeppelins. Yeah, the world she got trapped in and came back from and got trapped in AGAIN.
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Yeah. I'm guessing the Hindenburg never happened there :P
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I love that comment "Or get off this planet"
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oh god i love that episode
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