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11X14 graphite, charcoal, and carbon on arches wc paper
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marmicminipark's avatar
Very nicely done James, it's in my favs now, Keep up the awesome work !!!!
mysticpariah's avatar
I thought it was impossible for a drawing to look this real! What sorcery is this?!
Seriously though, amazing piece.
LisaCrowBurke's avatar
charcoal on arches wc paper... you got a great texture out of it. really love this portrait, the details are very nice.
candylipdoll's avatar
WOW! at first i thought it was a photo!
adagio-art's avatar
wow! look so real ! excellnt work :thumbsup:
Cookai's avatar
this is a beautiful piece. Well done. Did you work from a specific photo?
sweetusforever's avatar
omfg !!! this is the best drawing i have ever seen in my whole life..u turned me a die hard fan of urs..!!! thnx a lot for taking the art to such a pinnacle.god bless!
aixado's avatar
wow fantastic work !!!
Anna-Mariaa's avatar
sketcherjak's avatar
You have such control over your pencil work, it's really amazing. I thought this was a photograph, it was so spot on. Very well done!
brighteyedblasphemer's avatar
Everytime I look at this, I'm completely blown away. I can't even articulate how amazing your skill level is. Brava.
suzanastojanovic's avatar
Extraordinary work! It almost looks like a photo. Great job.
darronlee's avatar
the last time I looked at youre gallery I never even looked at this because I thought it was a photo and Im not easily tricked youre an amazing artist and this is a master piece.
SerendipityByDesign's avatar
ooh i love bubbles, it is a very endearing shot of childhood and the kid in all of us.

wonderful work.
Keori-Kiczys's avatar
Fucking brilliant art skills
starplaque's avatar
this even better compared to the photo...
ilanya's avatar
wow , just wow!
robotsgoboom's avatar
Ok... wow.
I stared at the full-view for at least twenty minutes, and i STILL thought it was a photo. Amazing.

the-fallen-angel-mel's avatar
That is sooo!.... well Its just awesome, words cant descibe it!... Only the smaller details make u able to see that its a drawing,
i sent the link to my friend because i thought it was so good.
It took alot of convising to make her see it was not a photo lol.

Im adding you to my favourites. :D two thumbs up :thumbsup::thumbsup: and 5 stars :star::star::star::star::star: haha
monstercookie's avatar
wow...even zoomed in it still looks like a photo. great drawing skills!
LucaTedde's avatar
That's just amazing... I love how the textures exalt each other: skin, hair, metal, fabric, plastic, soap... Very well done indeed :+fav:
LatinPrincess17's avatar
Is so realistic...I love realistic drawings...The girl is so cute.
Awesome drawing. Is great!
arctic-disent's avatar
simply great, I would almost say perfect....
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