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Yavanna Kementari

My take on Yavanna Kementari from the Silmarillion (Tolkien). I'm not a really huge fan of the Valar per se because, as cool and interesting as they are, I thought it was really lame how they walled themselves in and left the rest of the earth to rot under Melkor, when there was one of him and like 10 of them. At any rate, they are interesting so I enjoy drawing them. This is sort of a spin off of my favorite authors project: [link]

At any rate, I was just going to do a handful of the Valar which would include Yavanna, but since she is my favorite of the female Valar I decided to give her a solo pic. So here she is standing between the 2 trees. Silpion is waxing and Laurelin is waning. Drops are falling from Silpion and landing on Yavanna and the ground around her. Yavanna is responsible for the creation of the two trees, as well as all the plants and animals in middle earth. She is described as wearing green. I took it a step further and gave her green eyes, green lips, green nails, and green highlights in her hair. I wanted to make her look like an 'earth mother' type figure because that's essentially what she is. I think all in all the look suits her pretty well, and she will certainly appear again in my picture that features more of the Valar.
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she is beautiful.
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Glad you like her. She's not one of my characters though.
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Believe it or not, especially considering what I'm about to say, I do like this drawing. If that's as much as you want, it would probably be best if you ignored the rest of this. >_>

One thing I'd say threw me almost immediately in this was that the body is undeniably masculine. I'm not just talking about the musculature (which you certainly have a good grasp of) although that certainly does make it more obvious. I understand that of course there are muscled women, they just don't usually get *quite* as far as that without some *serious* work or chemical assistance. Somehow, I just can't imagine Yavanna weight-training.

The width of the chest and shoulders versus the hips is very, very masculine. The angle of her back and of the trapezius muscles are also very much male. I've noticed this as a pretty consistent thing throughout your gallery, actually. At a guess, I'd say you've probably spent a lot longer drawing men than women. It's not a bad thing (the converse is true for me, in fact), it's just a little jarring.
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It's normal for people to draw their own gender better than the other. A lot of my older stuff has those types of problems but my latest pieces have been better. The main problem I have with this one (aside from it being an older drawing) is the use of black. I made the shading a little too high contrast, but at any rate, it was a learning experience. Other than that she isn't really that big. She's not as big as She-Hulk (who I happen to like a lot), or as Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser [link] [link] Incidentally, the type of physique that Jillian Michaels has is what I like as far as women go, and unless I'm doing villains (which are deliberately flawed at times) or extras I'm going to give them all idealized forms. It's sort of like how back during the Renaissance and Rococco periods they used to like fat women, so in the art they made their women fat (which I think is gross). I once visited the Prado and walked around looking at all the Baroque and Romantic stuff, and after a while I got tired of looking at all the fat women. Then I discovered that there was a section of Medieval art in the basement and I really enjoyed looking at that stuff.

The ratio of hips to the shoulders is one of the kinks I have been trying to work out. The Middle Earth anthology project that I am working on has afforded me lots of practice in regards to that. This is an older work, and sometimes with the older stuff my ideas got ahead of my skill level, which is something that probably happens to everyone.
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beautiful dress :D
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Good choice for the green colours as she represents the Nature itself.
The valar are not my favourites too, they just lived happily in their own world, except when Morgoth ruined their party.
The elves and humans on Middle-Earth were much cooler as they were fighting against their enemy for thousands of years, and they never gave it up.
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I agree with you 100%. I just like to draw the Valar because they invoke some cool imagery. I mean, being associated with with different elements and forces, and being as big as they are.
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Excellent colouring as usual:)

I too have been known to 'rush' to the finish and then wish I'd spent the time gradually getting there:( patience can be my worst enemy at times and I now understand that if the mood ain't right then theres no point in trying (though some great ideas may be spawned but no masterpieces)

Not sure if the whiteness of Silpion overpowers the piece I know that when I first saw it my eye was drawn to it and it was difficult to focus on the rest of the picture..but then it can also be a very good thing as you then spread out into the glorious colouring of the rest of the picture so again I'm not sure.....
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I'm not sure either, up close the light from the tree should be much more blinding. But I never thought anyone would react to the white tree in the way that you have. Interesting... Glad you like it though.

I am curious though, would you be interested in doing an art exchange with me when I get done with my project?
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Could you explain what is involved with the art exchange? All still a bit new to me at the moment, I would be interested but just not sure whats involved.
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Actually I meant to say :timbo19:. I'm going to start on his this weekend, but if you tell me what you would like I can start on yours next.
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An art exchange is a trade where you draw something for me and I draw something for you. We call it an even trade. I have quite a few in my gallery but I think that this one [link] is the most popular of all that I have done. So you have to tell me what you want me to draw, and I will draw something for you. I'm also doing one with ~timbo
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Sounds good, though still thinking of a picture/character...

While I'm still thinking - What would be the picture that you'd want me to do for you??
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That's a good question. I guess for me you can do one of the characters from my story that I'm working on turning into a comic: [link]

AH, in the meantime I need to go to the art supply store, maybe I can do that this Saturday, or perhaps tomorrow. Far too many of my pencils are worn down to nubs and my work has come to a grinding halt as a result.
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She is like a "earth mother", the pic gives this expression. Green fits well on her. BTW I like background, especially the orange tree.
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I had fun with her. I plan on drawing her again later but first I might want to get through with my project. What did you think of her hair?

The two trees were supposed to be early versions of the sun and the moon. The yellow one is really bright and the white one is not as bright but the light it gives is cleaner and more relaxing.
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Her hair is great, I like this style. It has a specific name I think, different colored lines on normal hair.
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It's called highlights. The lighter colors in darker hair are always highlights.
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Highlights? Oh, got it!
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a well worked piece,
one can clearly see the effort you've put in it.

I like.
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Thanks, I have more on the way.
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awesome coloring :)
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Thanks man, I try. I've gotto try to squeeze all of them in the next one.
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