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All writers welcome :D
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Sephiroth Redraw by Jmoney2495 Sephiroth Redraw :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 0 0 Favourite Starters by Jmoney2495 Favourite Starters :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 0 Orochimaru Chibi by Jmoney2495 Orochimaru Chibi :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 1 Mannequin Soldier by Jmoney2495 Mannequin Soldier :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 1 0 Link by Jmoney2495 Link :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 0 Hitler vs Stalin by Jmoney2495 Hitler vs Stalin :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 7 0 Mushroomhead's Skinny by Jmoney2495 Mushroomhead's Skinny :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 1 0 Darksiders' Death by Jmoney2495 Darksiders' Death :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 0 Pyramid Head by Jmoney2495 Pyramid Head :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 1 0 Xenomorph Sketch by Jmoney2495 Xenomorph Sketch :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 1 0
No longer have I any reason to feign this smile,
To fool the world with a grin, broken and hollow.
No longer have I any reason to dam my eyes,
To keep from drowning under darkening skies.
For there is no one to make honest this grin,
To make true the emotions sought within.
No, no one to protect me from this torrent,
To save me from this flood so abhorrent.
On these broken wings, I had hoped to soar,
On newfound thoughts of happiness, I did fall for.
But cruel reality brought me crashing down,
In the depths of despair, I fear I shall drown.
:iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 0 0
Pyramid Head and The Executioner by Jmoney2495 Pyramid Head and The Executioner :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 1 0
Pour your heart out everyday
Only to watch it drain away
Spiralling slowly about the drain
The emptiness bearing naught but pain
A creeping doubt born deep inside
Digging deeper in an attempt to hide
Planted deep inside the shell
Bearing the fruit of a living hell
Heart now broken and suffocated
To endless sorrows subjugated
All memories from days passed
In torturous recollection amassed.
Tormented by this growing perdition
Left perpetually alone and wailing like a siren
Incapable of bearing its own weight
The shell slowly begins to disintegrate
Into the dust, the shell is ground
Scattered motionless, unable to be found
A stinging emptiness is all that remains
To infecting the bearer with unbearable pains
:iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 0 0
A dreamer, I could have been
With fantasies flashing through my head
But with so many dreams broken
So many wistful fantasies lying dead.
No fantasies can the broken mind paint
No more thoughts of what i could have done
Wishes long gone, now only a spiteful feint
In this abysmal shell, dreams are there none.
Broken in solace, inspiration runs dry
With naught to nourish it, its hope recedes
In the throes of perdition, the soul begins to die
Hollow and numb, the emptiness secedes.
Now but a broken vessel, void of all but life
Not an end, only the beginning of my strife.
:iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 0 0
Psych-Ward Patient by Jmoney2495 Psych-Ward Patient :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 0 H.P. Lovecraft's Elder Gods: Cthulhu by Jmoney2495 H.P. Lovecraft's Elder Gods: Cthulhu :iconjmoney2495:Jmoney2495 2 0


Battle Chatelaine by yoyterra Battle Chatelaine :iconyoyterra:yoyterra 126 8 TF2: Pyro Bliss by ph00 TF2: Pyro Bliss :iconph00:ph00 163 4 The Residents by Indecline69 The Residents :iconindecline69:Indecline69 29 15 happy tobi. by Shark-Bites happy tobi. :iconshark-bites:Shark-Bites 50 10 The Dunwhich Horror by SpeakingMute The Dunwhich Horror :iconspeakingmute:SpeakingMute 239 74 Opeth Rocktoon by lllaria Opeth Rocktoon :iconlllaria:lllaria 205 160 Doodles~ by LimeRibbons Doodles~ :iconlimeribbons:LimeRibbons 3 0
What I do at work experience:
Steel that rusts, strong wind gusts
Winter seeping into your bones
Whispering in hollow moans
Save your soul, yet losing control
Moments feel like years and longer
This Gehenna will make you stronger
And updating my tumblr.
My tumblr, because motherfuckers got a motivation (and potato)
So yeah, doing a week of work experience at a newspaper, been to a circus, seen a baby llama and a baby camel, I had fun, wrote and article, might get paid, need the money, and yes, haven't felt this well for a while :)
The only thing that's bothering me is my habit of smoking that because a burden in the meanwhile. What upsets me is that I'm too weak to resist, expecially becuase I know the addiction is all in my mind, not physical.
Yesterday I actually bought my first own pack of ciggarettes, using my mothers credit card, nice, eh?
Before I never had the access liek I do now, so yes, it's all my stupid fault, and I deserve any heath problems that probably will n
:icondestruction-bunny:DESTRUCTION-BUNNY 2 27
Secret of the Silver Chain
So, new idea!!!
Intro goes like this since I haven't thought of the rest... Tell me what you think!
    Screams of terror rang from beneath a cold blue sky. The same sky that had looked upon a land of green and prosperity, but now only looked upon a world of red, and chaos.
    I walked among the smoldering ruins of what used to be my home. I sadly kicked a blackened piece of masonry that probably belonged to one of the once grand buildings around me. Smoke arose from old cookfires, and with nobody attending them, they would have spread in a fire wall that would engulf the city. If there was anything to burn that is.
    In the days of peace, this empty soul town was called Rivet Valley, the sixth of the ten great cities of Solaria. It was a prosperous country, and in the life of my anscestors, was beautiful. It was ruled by The Ivory City, the capital , and it housed the palace of the king. With marble walls and golden turrets, it ruled over all of
:iconthe14thmusician:The14thMusician 2 14
A Vision of Loveliness
You may not remember me.
How could you not?
It was so long ago,
That warm summer night,
Beneath the old oak tree.
Your eyes sparkled,
Like the morning dew,
On lovely spring mornings,
That are now so few.
Your arms held me tight,
Warm and strong,
Keeping me safe,
So nothing goes wrong.
But those days are over.
Your memories of me,
Gone and spent.
But I have to say,
You and her,
With this weeping weather,
Did look nice,
Lying together.
:iconthe14thmusician:The14thMusician 1 0
Death Note by MaGLIL Death Note :iconmaglil:MaGLIL 6,029 724 lonely by ProsaicProtrusion lonely :iconprosaicprotrusion:ProsaicProtrusion 25 4 Sauron by Danyllex Sauron :icondanyllex:Danyllex 159 8 Psycho Mantis Cosplay by arok318 Psycho Mantis Cosplay :iconarok318:arok318 358 132


In all honesty, I love this drawing. The detail in the eyes, lips, nose, hair, everything, is fantastic! The shading further adds to th...

I myself have found need in improving my anatomy in general, mostly female, and i might say that this is extremely well thought out. th...

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Welp, finally got some more art worked out.... if anyone's there anymore....
Feedback would still be great... and any possible ideas would definitely be considered....
Hope to have some more poetry out *woooooo*


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John Moneymaker
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I'm a new artist/poet into most all types of art but preferablely Chibi style drawings. Trying to make my start, if there's anything you'd like me to try and do, please comment and i'll try my best to get it done, even drawings, finally got my scanner working :D




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