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Ice Demon Appears by Virmir Ice Demon Appears :iconvirmir:Virmir 96 15
Mystery Candy (4 Pokemon TF's)
                Just because there are many types of candies sold on Halloween, it’s always best to make sure to buy the candies that kids would especially love, which includes mini chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, Twizzlers, mini bags of potato chips, or even a variety pack containing those items. Then, there are candies which are okay to have but not the best, because they might be so cheap, like Smarties (Rockets in Canada), or Candy Corn.
                Not every type of candy is suitable, however. Candies should be avoided if they look off, have a weird name, or if they are unusually cheap to buy, like around 50 cents for a whole package. It’s unknown what they contain, and no one wants to buy them. However, if people did buy them for an experiment, maybe then it would be a good idea, but other than that, try to stay away from them at all times.
:iconraintehwolf:RainTehWolf 5 2
Puffy Back story by matthewjamesrann Puffy Back story :iconmatthewjamesrann:matthewjamesrann 10 4 Early Autumn by BobThePeanut Early Autumn :iconbobthepeanut:BobThePeanut 5 5 Inktober Day 29 - Double by TsaoShin Inktober Day 29 - Double :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,748 141 Hexed Into Dusk by MrTherandomguy42 Hexed Into Dusk :iconmrtherandomguy42:MrTherandomguy42 3 0
Hard reset (Yveltal TF)
"So you want to see how I act in front of death, huh? Let's find out." Ridley scowled at the computer in front of him, wishing it could give any expression in return.
Alex was the first one to react to his statement, though. "R-ridley, by death, do you mean...?"
"There's only one legendary that takes care of death. Or destruction, if you prefer..." The traveller petted the Noivern to reassure her. "It'll be fine, don't worry."
Doctor, you cannot be sure if the subject will fall asleep after its transformation. Still, I will not stop you. Gear stated, anticipating the species to prepare.
"It has to be done at some point... Let's do this. Make two vials for 717. Let's see if I can make two of them in the same world..." The man tapped his foot and expected his colleague to get started. However, it was already finished.
Do just that. We must know if this is possible, although there are chances it will not be. The machine exposed its theory while Ridley grabbed both
:iconburstcoffee:BurstCoffee 35 176
Mature content
Finding Your Inner Zen :icondeathbustereudial103:deathbustereudial103 24 4
Mature content
All the World's a Stage :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 11 3
Triple Trouble (Alola Starters Multi-TF) (Request)
Somewhere, in Alola, a Trainer named Derek Elmwood was traveling through the Lush Jungle. His team was able to defeat the Totem Lurantis with his Torracat and Salandit. It was a pretty tough battle and won the Grassium Z, but he decided to try to catch some new Pokemon or find new items here. So far, he's found nothing and already caught 3 other Pokemon here. He was hoping to find at least one item before he left. 
Derek had three sides to him; his aggressive side, his sweet side, and his cunning side. He used his cunning side when battling Pokemon or Trainers, his aggressive side when dealing with bullies (he sometimes got picked on), and his sweet side around his friends or family. He was generally an interesting Trainer, for sure. He had dark brown, spiky hair, green eyes, an orange shirt with white stripes, gray jeans, and red sneakers. 
After less than an hour of searching, Derek was about to give up, until he noticed three lights in the distance. His eyes lit up and, af
:iconmoonshine210:MoonShine210 7 36
Incineroar Tf
I was in my room just playing some video games. Then I heard a knock on my door. It was odd. I never expect anyone to be here. Not even an Amazon delivery. I head to the door and answer. No one was here. Except that there is a box below me. I didn’t order that. I take it with me and sat it down on the table. I then use the knife to cut the tape and open the box. Inside is some sort of large belt with a flame symbol. I thought that would be a joke for someone to send me a belt. But I guess it looks good.
I put it on around my waist and already it fits. It looks nice. A little warm too. A bit too warm actually. It’s getting a little hot actually. Something was wrong. The belt felt hot. The belt starts to burn and become on fire. As it’s on fire, it starts to reshape and become bigger. The belt becomes more of some sort of flaming wrestler belt with a little flame symbol lighting up in the middle.
After that, I start to feel hot. And that’s because something is gro
:iconeman14609:Eman14609 6 11
Feel the Burn
The AC of the gym was a blessed relief after the heat outside. The place had the same sort of atmosphere every gym had - clean, cool, and comfortable. Morgan was certainly glad for it, although he imagined he’d be working up a proper sweat soon enough, rather than just a sweat from being outside.
When he’d entered that contest on that online magazine to get a free 3-year membership to a new local gym, he’d done it not expecting it to actually reap dividends. It was one of those things he’d just done on a whim, thinking that it would be nice but not thinking it would be realistic. And yet, the deadline had gone by, and he’d gotten the email in his inbox telling him he’d won, so here he was.
The sun had caused him to sweat quite a bit, leaving his brown hair matted to his forehead. He probably should’ve gotten the bus, rather than walking the whole way, but it had seemed like such a nice day. His red shirt clung to his body in some rather awkward
:iconjasper-rolls:Jasper-Rolls 39 0
The Disappearance -Incineroar TF/TG[FtM][REUPLOAD]
Note: This story is a sequel to my previous story: "The Cure" 
A week had passed since Finn’s mysterious disappearance. While most of his friends decided to leave the job to the police, one of them was refusing to give up. That person was none other than Elizabeth, Finn’s best friend.
Elizabeth was a wealthy woman, something that anyone would notice by just looking at her fancy clothes and delicate posture. Being wealthy wasn’t her only quality, however. She was also smart, maybe a bit too smart.
She wasn’t a Pokémon trainer, though. When she was a little kid, she used to enjoy battling with her friends. But now that she was 20, it all just seemed like a waste of time. Nowadays, she’d rather spend time home reading a nice book or talking to her friends.
Once she realized that the cops would get nowhere, she decided to go pay a visit to the police station.
“I’ll ask the cops about the case, and if they aren’t willing to answer, I
:iconmcatchat:MCatChat 17 0
RUBBERIZED II - Flash version by AxelWolf04 RUBBERIZED II - Flash version :iconaxelwolf04:AxelWolf04 65 10 Paparazzi by ScotchHideyoshi Paparazzi :iconscotchhideyoshi:ScotchHideyoshi 49 2 Garden Rocket by KParote22 Garden Rocket :iconkparote22:KParote22 20 0



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