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I'm back! The last six months have been rough. I fell ill last year, and didn't have the energy to paint or post. Eventually in January, I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. It's turned my life upside down, needless to say!

But I'm now recieving treatment at one of the best hospitals in the country, under the care of a fantastic doctor who's involved in research into new treatments. So I feel pretty optimistic, all things considered!

I'm painting again, and selling my work on Etsy - you can find my shop here. I also still have my Redbubble store!
You can also find me on My WebsiteInstagram, Facebook and occasionally Blogger.

And now I'm going to post a bunch of my new art here, to refresh my gallery a bit! I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me share the above links - even though we have the NHS here, having cancer still costs a lot in transport, food, phone bills etc, and every sale I can make helps, as art is my only source of income.

Hi, thanks for stopping by my profile. Here's where you can keep up with my work:

My New and Improved Website

My Facebook Page

My Daily Paintworks Store

My Daily Painting Blog

RedBubble Shop

My Tumblr

Links are correct as of February 2016, if you find a broken one, please let me know!