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November 7, 2012
El dios buho without water mark by ~jmlfreeman
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El dios buho without water mark

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Thank You soo much for all the comments and support is a honor be a daily deviation :D

Until at last!!!!! i finish youuu!!! I thought it was ending all too much work and detail, all started with a spark of motivation and inspiration to want to do something big to fill my creative spirit :) and positive changes in my life and want to improve in everything I do, this illustration has meant a lot to me, much effort and hard work patience, I have dedicated much time I had little motivation to do it and I have been working around 4 months in the personal is the largest and most complicated illustration ever made has a lot xD immense detail that may not be seen but to the smallest detail is worked I put much love and work I love and feel it was worth so much work into it invested about 55 hours of work sounds exaggerated but only in the outline lasts about 20 and the color is the hardest part sketching counting hours late color adjustments etc. .. etc. .. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am very happy and excited that and you are done because this is the illustration is the more complex than I have done all this made with Pen tool Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

I hope you enjoy and appreciate it very hard work
: D if you like to share it with friends :)
please comment what do you think :D
Sorry for my ugly english
Juan Ma Orozco :)
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Hey! Are there any of the lapel pins left of this? I'd so buy one