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Past Sins: A Mare Against Monsters P5


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The Impossible Achieved


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Green Hill run

Worlds in Danger Fan Art

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Me and Xeno Pan

Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Kai, and Super

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Pan + SSJ

Dragon Ball Sprites

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My Little Pony

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Equestria Girls Mane 7 Human Puppets

Pony Puppets

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Vector: Nyx 2

MLP - Nyx

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Past Sins: A Mare Against Monsters P5

MLP Past Sins Comic

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Ponyville Train Station

MLP - Vectors

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MLP In Real Life Pics

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Twilight Animation Test

My Little Ace Attorney

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Maya and Pearls

Ace Attorney

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My Hero Academia

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Tails EP08 Screenshot my Drawing

Hand Drawn Images

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SMBZ Fire Sonic Loop

Super Mario Bros Z

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SMBGT - Wario and Waluigi sprite sheet

Super Mario Bros GT

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Sonic and Blaze The Rise of Chaos Beasts Opening

Sonic and Blaze Rise of the Chaos Beasts

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Super Mario Bros. Z Logo Remake


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Spacebar Code and Shade

stop(); onEnterFrame = function () { if (!Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)) {  _root.allow = true; } else if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE) && _root.allow == true) {  play();  _root.allow = false; } }; I get asked for this a lot, so I thought I'd just post it.  If ya have any questions feel free to ask. ALSO, I'm doing MUCH better with my proportions and sketching.  Expect to see my character Shade up very soon as the first Retrograde ref sheet done. In addition, my little mucus/breathing problem is improving greatly, and my screamer vocals are coming out more fluently with much less cracking going on.  Clean vocals are now easy, as well as add

Animation Tips

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Baby Yoshi

Mario and his friends

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Tails,Cream,Shadow -Innocence

Sonic and his friends

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Hyper Shadic

Nazo Unleashed

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Bowser fury (different styles)


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9-Bit's MLSS Mario Bros Preview 1 Crouching

Mario Sprites

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Hyper Sonic Sprites Sheet 2020

Sonic Sprites

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Crush 40 Live and Learn

Sonic songs n' Remixes

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Burger-Eatin' Koopa King Animation


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Sonic in Mario Kart Wii

Sonic in Mario games

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Mario Sonic Ep. 1

Sonic and Mario crossovers

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Kingdom Hearts

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Intimidating Lancer at the Hectic City's Edge

Sonic Boss Fights

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Tension Lines Sheet

Animation Effects

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MLSS Tuff Extra Poses - TuffTony's Version

Kirby Sprites

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SMB Heroes of the Stars SFX 10


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Request for jmkrebs30 (Trace 'n Edit)

My requests

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I want to be small

Seven Deadly Sins

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