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Speedy the Hedgehog (AsylusGoji91 Style)

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© 2013 - 2020 jmkrebs30

This is Speedy's look for :iconasylusgoji91:'s series: Sonic & Blaze: The Rise of Chaos Beasts

This is something I've had in the works for a little bit.  I could use some help in making more poses or fixing up some of them.  Two poses in here are by :iconchaosdavid148: and :iconflaminginfernox:

For this sheet, PERMISSION IS RECQUIRED FOR USE, (because its incomplete).  If you want to ask permission, send me a note.

EDIT #1: :iconl8rlozers: made and edited a few poses.  Big thanks to him! :D

EDIT #2: Fixed up the pose next to the very first one on the top left corner.

EDIT #3: :iconxxbrawlstudiosxx: made a few poses and :iconxxultimatenozic90xx: made a new pixel art.  Kudos to you guys! :D  Also changed the layout of the sheet.

EDIT #4: :icontufftony: made some more poses.  Thanks!  :D

EDIT #5: New idle poses by NozicTheHedgehog.

EDIT #6: More poses by NozicTheHedgehog.

EDIT #7: One more update today.  New sprites by TuffTony and Galethehedgehog21.

EDIT #8: More poses by xXBrawlStudiosXx.  (Some are still W.I.P.)

EDIT #9: New Pixel Art, blast poses, and new idle by NozicTheHedgehog

EDIT #10: More poses from TuffTony

EDIT #11: Speedy likes to Moonwalk!  Moonwalk poses by Galethehedgehog21 and kick poses by :iconssj99:

EDIT #12: More poses from TuffTony

EDIT #13: Walking poses fixed and more new poses by NozicTheHedgehog

EDIT #14: More poses from Galethehedgehog21

EDIT #15: New front view running poses by me and new pixel art by :iconnext-gen-jay:

EDIT #16: New Chaos Emerald toss poses by Ssj99.  :D

EDIT #17: Edited running poses and angry poses by me.

EDIT #18: New rapid kicking poses, standing pose, and super form palette by me. :D  I found an online image editor that works similarly to the program I normally use for Paint.NET, that's how I was able to edit this image on my Chromebook.  Still don't have a computer to animate with yet.

EDIT #19: New poses by WindBladeShadowhog12

EDIT #20: A fixed punch pose by :iconyagoshi:

EDIT #21: New kick poses and pose from NozicTheHedgehog and new mid air pose from me.

EDIT #22: A new idle and super Speedy sprite by NozicTheHedgehog.

EDIT #23: New idle by Ssj99 and new poses by me.

EDIT #24: New hurt, knockback, and finger snap poses by me.

EDIT #25: More new poses, and new color palettes.
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BeeWinter55Hobbyist Artist
Looks good.  (TBH, I like your original sprite of Speedy more often: Speedy the Hedgehog Sprite Sheet by jmkrebs30 )
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ashspeed1221 Filmographer
is it ok if i use this sheet for a new series
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Can i use?                                     ITS REALLY AMAZING!!!
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If you want to use this, you need to ask permission in notes.
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Do you not know how to send a note?
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Okay, in the upper right corner of someone's deviant page or a deviation, you should see a yellow square with a pencil on it.  That's where you can write a note to send to someone.
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Nvm i now not need to use
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DeathShizuke124Student Digital Artist
Can i Use
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Grump Read the description: it says ask in note.
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DeathShizuke124Student Digital Artist
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PollyoshrateStudent Artist
Can I use it though?
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If you want to use this, ask me in note.  (Read the description!)
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FlameOmeg943Hobbyist Digital Artist
That actually looks awesome, I wish my character had cool moves like yours.
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I am not going to but what would happen if someone used it without permission and put it on youtube and it got 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 views!?:o (sorry I know i exaggerated) 
SMBZistocool4school's avatar
hey jmkrebs30 I was wondering if you would like some mecha mario sprites for mario and sonic worlds in danger if you could tell me how to upload to google images then I could give you the link :)
jmkrebs30's avatar
No, I don't need Mecha Mario sprites.  Mecha Mario is not in Worlds in Danger, anyways.
SMBZistocool4school's avatar
that is fine and I respect your decision but here they are if you want to have a look anyway smbzistocool4school.deviantart… and before I go I know that basilisx is going to be in worlds in danger so I made a sprite of him when he is damaged smbzistocool4school.deviantart…
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Choco-KillerHobbyist Digital Artist
May I Use and Add My Contribution?
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You're supposed to ask for permission to use in note.
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Choco-KillerHobbyist Digital Artist
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I don't care what others say, you are awesome! WOW!
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DaiKaiju-DefenderStudent Traditional Artist
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