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Wonder Woman's time in the United Nations by JMK-Prime

JMK Here,
I love Wonder Woman. I love all the DC characters. When its was announced that she would be a representative at the U.N. for her 75 Birthday, I was excited. Now that she got canned from the U.N. basically because of her clothes and her body, I was like "whaaat..." I mean Wonder Woman, not matter what incarnation she is in, is a:
1. Independent Woman
2. Representative of her Amazonian sisters
3. Founding member of the Justice League
4. Hero to many
5. A great friend
6. A noble leader
7. An inspiring comic character
8. Indiscriminate
I could go on...

Point being, the Feminists who had protested against the U.N.'s decision, I bet they even dunno about her. Sure she may look like another hot Comic book girl but, you know what makes a woman...its not about her looks, its about what she is standing for. Truth be told, I get attracted to they looks at first, then after looking deeper into their story and their intentions and you too can she that she is more than meets the eye. 

All that Wonder Woman wanted was to fight for better world, just like the Justice League but no...Her one shot at doing that in real life gets cast away by a bunch of bureaucrats running the Trojan horse for the NWO and feminists hypocrites.

The petition read, in part:
“A large-breasted white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee-high boots is not an appropriate spokeswoman for gender equity at the United Nations.”

Wonder-Woman-Free-Download-PNG by JMK-Prime

Large breast? Seriously. The latest incarnation of W.W. is a gladiator with a more respectable attire and a hooded cloak, and her proportions are perfectly equal, this is not over sexualized anime.
Anyone else agree with me? Sure she looks like a pin up girl, I tried to agree with he feminists but I just couldn't anymore. Sure she is a fictional character but what she represents is real.

JMK Out.
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December 16, 2016


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