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JMK here,

What the HELL?!
To everyone protesting all over the world, I support any form of revolution or rebellion anywhere around the world but seriously?

It starts of with the Anti-Trump protests that dates back to the end of the elections and the announcement of Trump's victory, during and after his swearing to power and still carries on till today. Heck, even when he makes a trip from one state to another, the people start leaving home, work and even school just to protest against someone who is clearly in charge now and there is almost nothing anyone can to to stop him now. It starts off from the Streets, then in Washington D.C., Trump tower and now at Airports, what's next, the wall?...and now a mosque in Texas is on fire:…
So what the hell....?

Look I get it some of you hate Trumps, his ideas, his stand on international relation coughPutincough, but c'mon. Instead of chanting it out, actually take action and support the Muslims, minorities and what not. This is just like terrorism, you are letting your negative feelings towards trump get to you. Just get on with your lives and be the change you want to be. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

But it is not just in the U.S. it is all over the world. Italy protesting against the EU and immigration, Poland over government policies, U.K. over Brexit, Israel-Eritrean refugees protesting over ill treatment of one of their own...I mean come on, 2016 has just ended and we all know how that turned out:


Its the first month to a fresh new year and it has just gotten rotten, not just in the U.S. after Trumps swearing not in the nightclub Turkey on new years, but the entire world.

Look I get it we are human. We do things out of feeling and thought nothing more of less. I thought after all that 2016 had dished out and how people came together to resolve them. I thought we would get better. but no.

So let me ask this one more time, what the Hell?

JMK out.
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Submitted on
January 28, 2017