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JMK here,
I wanted to share my thoughts on Samurai Jack. I will be speculating on Jack in the upcoming episode. I will also cover my thoughts on his relationship with Ashi.

Jack reuniting with his sword

For the upcoming episode, I believe that Jack will have to undergo some mental emotional and spiritual trails in order to earn his sword, not find it. For his sword is not made out of mere metal but made out of the righteous human spirit of his father, the Emperor. As we remember in the Birth of Evil story arc, The Emperor didn't have to climb up the mountains to find the monks, the gods sent him a horse to take him to the monks. The gods saw the good that was inside of him, his ether, his light. His devotion to his people and the common good proved that he was worthy of his sword. When Jack was sent out to learn about the world and how to fight, he made friends, helped people and even fought off Aku's minions before he got his sword. Jack was more than worthy to wield the sword...until he somehow lost it in season 5. This reminds me of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, where Sam had to earn the Matrix of Leadership by sacrificing his life for Optimus.

When Jack lost his sword, he lost his heritage, his family, his father's soul, everything he represented was lost. It may not be the fact that he accidentally lost his sword in the pit from the first season 5 episode 1, but rather that he unintentionally let a lot of innocents die which led to the oracles to somehow take away his sword. This is why Jack felt like he had lost his way and decided to use guns. After the recent episode 6 we learn that the horseman was one of the oracles that probably followed Jack after he lost his sword. To be honest he looked more intimidating as a shadow.

Jack wore the same armor as the oracles, signifying that they were always watching over him. They were looking over his progress without his sword in a future where he is cursed with immortality. I am betting that it was the oracles who cursed him. So Jack was always feeling looked down on. Feeling like he should keep it safe and not kill people. So when Jack thought that he let those blue kids died he accepted his fate for failing to keep his family heritage safe. But, after Ashi told him about all the people have been and that the children are alive, Jack gains his confidence back and fights back against the oracles. They finally left his side and Jack feels like his old self again. But that is not enough, he still has to earn his sword but undergoing his father's trials. Keep in mind that he is not doing to prove to the god and the monks that he still remembers his purpose but to remind himself that he is still the same faithful samurai.

Jack may have gotten his grove back but his metal has to be tested before he could earn his sword.

Jack and Ashi

As for his relationship with Ashi. I am gonna go against every 'Jackshi' shipper out there. If Genndy want to keep this season badass, he would not let those two make out. Think about it, this is not only the first time Jack is part of Adult swim but the most badass, character driven, emotional season in the whole series. So the plot would have to go the way of Logan. Why? Because the similarities are obvious. Many people parodies the First Logan trailer with Jack's trailer and seeing as how Logan has a plot similar to The Last of us, there is no denying it for me. Here is a table to clarify my point:

Capture by JMK-Prime
*I haven't played the game.

Logan - Old Man Logan, once cursed with immortality and on his final days, had to take care of the last piece of him, Laura. Laura was abused in her childhood and trained to be a weapon until Logan showed her the world and when the Professor showed her what a family looked like.

Samurai Jack
- Samurai Jack is cursed with immortality. He wants to take care of the last daughter of Aku, Ashi, who was tortured as a child because he has not yet taken down Aku. Ashi was only taught two things. That Aku is good and Jack must die. Other than that she never learned about the nature she has an interest in. She still had the mindset of a child. So Jack had to go all Master Splinter (Phil LaMarr) on her and, still having the mindset of a child, easily believes him. That's why the pacing in episode 5 was fast.

Star Wars Rebels
- Kanan Jarrus is the closest thing to a father since hers was taken prisoner by the Empire. She is a badass fighter once trained by the same Empire who used her tech to attack her people. She was an expressive artist until she had to overcome her demons in Trials of the Darksaber. Where she opens herself to Kanan and makes her vulnerable. (kinda like X-23 from X-Men Evolutions). In season 1 we see Ezra hitting on Sabine, in season 2 they were just friends, and in season 3 they were treating each other brother and sister. As Ezra matured from his new life as a Jedi his respect for Sabine grew.

The Last of Us
- Even though that I haven't played the game yet I can only get what I know from the fan wikia without spoilers. A friend of Joel's asks him to smuggle Ellie out of the lock down city. Ellie was educated in the military and is infected which means she could kill Joel at any given moment. Making her a weapon. Joel has to save her after ll the times she saved him. That's all I got. Who wouldn't want to see a movie about it. Ironically staring Hugh Jackman? [link]

This plot makes each of these stories more grounded and gives that warm, family vibe that we take for granted. This family plot is more down to earth and relate-able. So much so that the stories are more grounded. I mean not all of us could find our 'true love'. These stories are tales of real love. Not the kind you would find in a fairy tale...Cough Large Mickey Bullet FTU . It would be awesome if future works would not use this cliche so much and make a story that would cause a tearjerker. After all we all can agree that The Killing Joke movie would have gone better if they didn't make love under that gargoyle. 

So to all the fan shippers, I disagree with all of you. That doesn't mean that I hate you or want to start a fan war with you. It is just that these are my own personal thoughts and just wanted to get them out before the next episode and the death of the US president. I mean uh...uh...

Star Wars Logo 

So that's all I wanted to say. I have done a video about Jack and Ashi's relationship but it never came out right. Thank you for reading.

JMK Out. 
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April 25, 2017


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