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Dat Ass OBAMA 
Great Seal of USA by JMK-Prime
USA Flag by JMK-Prime
Today, Pres. Barack Obama is coming to Kenya on board Air Force One.
Soon I will head to town and take some pictures of the town in it's current state during this period in time.
I will keep you guys updated with how the country is doing from time to time. This is gonna be the most exciting event in Kenyan history.
Flag of Kenya by JMK-Prime
JMK Out.

Day 1

I went out to town with my mom and driver and this is what I got:
20150724 073331 by JMK-Prime
20150724 115925 by JMK-Prime  20150724 125635 by JMK-Prime  20150724 114527 by JMK-Prime   20150724 101622 by JMK-Prime  20150724 114856 by JMK-Prime   20150724 101727 by JMK-Prime


  • There were Kenya, Nairobi and U.S. Flags everywhere. From Westlands to the Airport. 
  • The Dreads (Chevy Beasts) were refueling at a Shell petrol station and the US flags are selling like Hot cakes.
  • Major roads have been closed down.
  • People on the streets are talking about it.
  • People are on about the 1998 Bombings.
  • Fears of attack (not seen or heard from me but are rumored).
  • Wilson and JKIA closed for Obama.
  • Kogelo family members visiting Nairobi.
  • Major businesses are using this moment as an opportunity (can't say the same for the street merchants).
That is it for now...
JMK Out.

  • The lighting bolt has struck
  • The God Zeus has descended
  • The Eagle of Freedom is on the Lion's Pride
in other words:

He visited family and met Kenyatta then they patted each others backs, Obama met Kenyatta's family and then the eagle left nest. It was AWESOME! Not the day I was expecting but the trouble I went thought was worth it. Now t get on with my evening.
JMK Out.

Day 2

  • Obama visited the 1988 bomb site, laid a wreath and payed his respects to all victims of both countries.
  • Had dinner with friends and family
  • Discussed with Kenyatta about gays, business, wildlife etc.
  • Started the GES with a bang
  • Looking into his father's roots ans his own
  • Started trying to speak Swahili

You guys should see the streets. The long awaited visit from the US president broke many hearts when they did no even get to see the beasts. This guys is really a guy that I could respect. Not just for his position but for the similarities that he shares with Kenyatta. What a great guy.
JMK Out.

Day 3

After all the 21 gun saluting from Kenyan Navy at State house yesterday to today's appearance at Kasarani stadium, Mombasa road, Obama has really tied the US and Kenya in the terms of ecological and economical development. After a young man who memorized the entire bible at 23 revised his entire victory speech I was convinced that Obama is worthy of his title as leader of the worlds most powerful nation. Thank you and good luck in your excursion to Ethiopia
JMK Out.

As I close this journal I want to say that even though I did not get to see everything that happened around Obama in the three days that he was here, It was an awesome experience for both Kenya the US. Kenyans get higher opportunities for art and business and the Us has a new ally. Thank you president Obama. May you come back soon.

JMK Over and Out.
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mikesmom37 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Student General Artist
I feel really bad about telling you this because you seem to REALLY like Obama...but he is considered a traitor in the United States.
no one likes him and they cannot wait for him to leave the presidency.
he got into the presidency illegally and he has continued to lie about it....
he has attempted to destroy everything that represents freedom here and is an anti-Christian , abortion supporting, racist, liar.
that is just the general opinion....
people say worse things about him.
 I am sorry. I think you have been misled about him. I do not know what you are being told...but it is not the truth...

I really feel bad, but it is the truth.
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student General Artist
I think I've fainted. 
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