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JMK here,
with my second animated movie review of my first
2D theatrical movie experience. I am not gonna go in depth with this movie as I did the other movie, because unlike that movie, this franchise is has heart and I am a casual brony. 
So here are my pros and cons abut the movie.

Full by JMK-Prime


Good animation
Sticks to the formula of the TV series
Great songs
Awesome world building
Great new characters and designs
Zoe Saldana is cast as an outlaw, again.


Only one Hippogryph. Kinda lame.
Fluttershy and Applejack didn't recruit any friends
Movie needed more Fluttershy
Celestia stole Twilight's spot in the end credits
The storm king was less impressive than other villains who are less impressive than Discord.
DEBATE: Was Liev Schreiber a better villain here than in X-Men origins?

Usually great films are left lingering in my head after watching it. This one however left me feeling after a while.
I wont give this movie a by numbers scoring, like I did in my videos, so I will just that its: OKAY.

Sorry, Hasbro. But, even your awesome animation team can't save your theatrical reputation from mid level story telling.
Stick to making animated series and selling merchandise.
At least this movie was more enjoyable than The Last Knight.

JMK over and out.
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October 7, 2017


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